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Dealing With Mold in the Home

7/9/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Dealing With Mold in the Home Ensure household humidity remains below 45% to avoid mold growth

Mold growth in Navina, OK, can be a serious problem, particularly after flooding. Therefore, it is important to take proper precautions and address any mold occurrences as quickly as possible.

Causes of Mold

Mold spores are a natural part of our environment and are present almost everywhere. These invisible particles are generally harmless; however, when they make contact with a water source, the mold can grow quickly and take over large areas. This is when mold becomes problematic. The following are common causes of mold in homes:

  • Flooding
  • Roof leaks
  • High humidity
  • Plumbing leaks
  • Damp bathrooms

Preventing Mold

Mold growth can spread very quickly, so it is important to address any potential problems before they become serious. Ensure household humidity remains below 45%. Certain high-humidity areas, such as bathrooms, may need frequent “airing out.” In these rooms, open a door or window and turn on a fan if needed. Repair leaks and clean up standing water quickly. Tend to water damage from flooding as soon as possible.

Mold Remediation Process

Because mold is present everywhere, complete mold removal is not possible. Mold remediation, however, is a process that removes excessive mold. Water helps mold to grow, so the first step of mold remediation is to address the water source. Next, both the mold on surfaces and spores in the air must be contained. When possible, antifungal and antimicrobial solutions are then used to kill the mold. In serious cases, drywall, carpeting, and some household objects may have to be replaced.

Odor Removal

Mold emits a characteristically musty odor, which can linger if not addressed. Fortunately, there are several ways to eliminate odors associated with mold. In addition to traditional air purifiers, professionals can also utilize ozone treatments and thermal fogging to remove stubborn smells.
Although minor mold growth can generally be taken care of by the homeowner, more serious damage may require the help of mold remediation professionals. In either case, it is important to take care of the problem as quickly as possible to prevent further difficulties.

Don't DIY Tarp Services After a Fire

6/26/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Don't DIY Tarp Services After a Fire Roof damaged by fire in a commercial building in Ceres, OK

Fire Cleanup Efforts

Whether the wind has blown a swath of shingles from your roof or a fire has left a gaping hole all the way to the attic, one of the first steps in fire cleanup efforts should be installing a tarp on the roof. With the protection of roofing materials gone, your business may be exposed to rain, wind, and debris. Animals and other trespassers may gain access to the attic. Before you climb up to fix a tarp yourself, consider the following safety information:

  • Never get onto your roof during a lightning storm.
  • Steep roofing surfaces require specialized harness systems.
  • Falls from the roof account for 30 percent of construction accidents and up to 75 percent of fatalities.

Other risks of working on the roof include electrocution and tool-related injuries.
You could face trouble from your business insurance because of taking risks by going onto your roof.
Fortunately, you don't have to face those risks. Fire remediation and restoration professionals often offer tarp services within a very short time frame and can complete any following roof repair work quickly.

Turn Repairs Over to Professionals

When these fire cleanup professionals arrive, they may bring supplies such as polyethylene sheeting to use as a tarp, long lengths of wood to fasten edges of the tarp, duct tape, screws, tools, and safety equipment. However, the amount of training these professionals have is even more important than any of these tools. As they install the tarp, they'll take steps to ensure protection from water, dirt, and most animal intruders.

Complete Other Tasks

In addition to staying off your roof, protect your well-being and that of your employees and customers by staying out of the property until you have permission from the appropriate officials. Instead of trying to complete repairs, consider making phone calls to your insurance provider, business partners, and any public safety officials, as necessary.
Fire cleanup steps involve a lot of risks. When your Ceres, OK, company faces fire-related damages, turn the repairs over to experienced crews and devote your attention to other necessary tasks.

Water Damage and Your Wood Floor

6/18/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial Water Damage and Your Wood Floor Recognize the signs of damage to wood flooring

Several Problems to Expect from a Wet Floor

A wood floor throughout your property has an enormous amount of visual appeal and brings an elegance to properties that is hard to match with any other flooring materials. Unfortunately, it is also susceptible to a lot of damage when moisture is introduced through a pipe burst or toilet overflow. Even the small amount from a spilled cup of water can cause damage. There are several problems to expect from a wet floor:

  • Cupping happens when the edges of wood planks expand, and the middles of the planks remain the same. This may be caused by seasonal humidity and water absorption.
  • Cracks may appear between wood planks in the floor. These gaps are often caused by high humidity levels in the room.
  • Buckling is the result of a lot of water on the floor. The middle of the plank grows, and the edges remain the same.

These damages may all become present when water is left on the floor or seeps under wood planks.

Contact Water Damage Experts

In the event of significant flooding, such as that of a pipe burst, your best strategy is to contact water remediation and restoration professionals. While waiting for those Ceres, OK, technicians to arrive, there are some steps you can do to minimize the damage.

Increase Airflow

Start by increasing ventilation to the area; open up doors and windows for increased airflow. Next, remove water as quickly as possible. Be careful to remove mud, silt, and other debris carefully to avoid scratching the surface of the wood floor.

Maintain a Consistent, Dry Environment

When professionals have said that it's safe to turn the power on, use heaters or air conditioners to maintain a temperature between 75 and 80 degrees. You may have noticed cupping, gaps, or buckling. These problems should be resolved through technicians' and your efforts. Sometimes, the signs of water damage will disappear as the wood dries completely.
Act immediately to resolve the flooding from a pipe burst situation. Recognize the signs of damage to wood flooring, and while waiting for technicians to arrive, reduce damages by taking quick action.

How To Prevent Water Damage at Home When You’re Away on Vacation

6/12/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage How To Prevent Water Damage at Home When You’re Away on Vacation Cleaning out leaves from your gutters allows rain to flow freely and can decrease the chance of water damage

How to Prevent Water Damage in Your Home, While You're on Vacation

Going on vacation should be an enjoyable experience, but worrying about a water pipe repair or a leaking appliance in your home can make it difficult to relax. However, there are steps you can take to prevent water damage in your home in Sumner, OK, while you’re on vacation.

1. Prepare Before You Leave

There are several steps you can take before leaving to decrease the likelihood of coming back to a flooded home. Cleaning out leaves and twigs from your gutters allows rain to flow freely and can decrease the chance of water damage. Additionally, you can spot a minor issue and react appropriately if you examine the appliances in your home that use water prior to leaving.

2. Ask a Friend To Monitor Your Home

Even if you prepare your home, water damage often occurs without warning, and the longer it goes unnoticed, the more damage that your home will likely sustain. However, a friend monitoring your home can quickly alert you if your home needs a water pipe repair or if an appliance is leaking. Once you are alerted, you can contact emergency restoration services who can help to ensure that the issue is resolved quickly.

3. Turn Off the Water If Necessary

If you can’t find a friend to check up on your house while you’re away, it can be helpful to turn off the water in your home. If you are going on vacating and know the temperature outside may dip below freezing, it can be useful to keep the heat running and to open the cabinet doors to minimize the risk of a broken pipe. By turning off the water, you can greatly reduce the chance of your home sustaining water damage.

The last thing you want to think about while on vacation is a water pipe repair or a flood in your home. Preparing your home before you leave, having a friend monitor your home and turning off the water if needed can help to keep your home free of water damage while you’re away.

The Connection Between Water Damage and Mold Growth in Homes

5/29/2019 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation The Connection Between Water Damage and Mold Growth in Homes Water problems often contribute to the growth of mold in homes.

Mold can cause major damage to homes in Perry, OK and protecting your home from this type of damage is often important. When thinking about mold prevention, it can be helpful for homeowners to understand how water affects mold.

What Are Common Water Issues in Homes?

Water problems often contribute to the growth of mold in homes. There are a variety of water problems that often occur in homes, including:

  • Pipe leaks or breaks
  • Leaky broken or damaged appliances
  • Roof leaks
  • Flooding caused by an overflowing toilet
  • High levels of humidity in bathrooms, attics or basements

Why Does Water Help Mold Grow?

Though some types of mold can grow in dry environments, many common types of mold need moisture in order to grow and spread. In addition to requiring water, most molds also need access to some sort of organic material in order to grow in an environment. Since homes are generally filled with organic materials that can provide mold with the nutrients and fuel it needs to thrive, only a small amount of moisture is needed for mold to grow.

How Can You Prevent Mold Growth?

There are several ways you can prevent mold from appearing in your home, and since mold prevention is often less costly and not nearly as time-consuming as mold remediation, it’s often best to focus on prevention. If your home has sustained water damage, quickly removing the water and employing water and mold damage specialists can be useful. Whether your home has or has not experienced flooding, it can be wise to inspect your home frequently. Keeping your home dry and clean, especially in areas where mold is likely to grow, can also help to discourage mold from growing in your home.

Mold commonly occurs in homes after a flood, leak or a moisture problem. Knowing water’s role in mold growth can allow you to practice efficient mold prevention methods in your home.

How To Stay Safer in a Lightning Storm

5/17/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage How To Stay Safer in a Lightning Storm House fire in Guthrie, OK

Each year, firemen are called to thousands of lightning-started fires, many of those being in homes. A house fire started by a strike can be very dangerous. Flames occur at the point of contact, but because a bolt is pure electricity, it may also send an intense current along wiring or plumbing in the home causing additional fires, or causing electrical burns to those in the vicinity.

Five Tips for Staying Safer

Because lightning strikes randomly there is no way to predict a strike, but you can take steps to stay safer and learn what to do in case of a fire in your home.

1. Strikes can travel more than three miles from a storm cell – if you can hear thunder you are close enough for a strike - even up to 30 minutes after the last thunder is heard.
2. Your body can be an antenna, so stay indoors during a storm. Avoid metal sheds, barns or carports in favor of large, grounded structures. Do not sit on porches, near windows or in doorways.
3. If needed, get in a vehicle with hard top and sides. Never shelter under trees – that is the second leading cause of lightning fire casualties.
4. Avoid using computers or corded phones. Unplug the TV, computers, and major appliances to prevent electrical surge damage.
5. Wait to bathe, shower, or do laundry until the storm passes. Water can conduct electricity, so don’t do dishes or wash your hands during a thunderstorm.

In the event a person gets hit, it is critical to get help quickly, so call 911 immediately. If your home is struck and you suddenly find yourself in a house fire, avoid touching electrical and plumbing and get everyone out as quickly as possible. Get to safe shelter, then call for help.

Once things are under control, you may wish to call the local fire restoration technicians in Guthrie, OK, to help with lightning fire cleanup. They may be able to take the sting out of a difficult situation and help get your home back to normal.

What Goes in the Commercial First Aid Kit?

5/7/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage What Goes in the Commercial First Aid Kit? Kit supplies you should have in your first aid kit for your commercial building

What Should You Have In The First Aid Kit For Your Commercial Building?

The following list of supplies is the minimum required by Occupational Safety and Health Standards.

  1. Gauze pads that measure at least 4 x 4 inches and two large gauze pads that are at least 8 x 10 inches. One packed gauze roller bandage that is at least two inches wide.
  2. A box of adhesive bandages is required for small scrapes and punctures.
  3. Two triangular bandages, sometimes known as cravat bandages, are used with safety pins to function as a sling or as head wraps.
  4. Your first aid kit should include a splint that's appropriate for securing broken bones. Include padding to keep the injury stable.
  5. Adhesive tape, scissors, and two elastic wraps provide an additional layer of security for treating wounds.
  6. Put at least one blanket in your emergency kit.
  7.  Agents for cleaning wounds, such as packaged moistened towelettes, are crucial for keeping wounds and injuries from developing infections.
  8. Latex gloves, pocket masks, and tweezers are used to prevent contamination when injuries are treated.
  9. Include resuscitation equipment such as resuscitation bags and airway masks.
  10. Provide directions for obtaining emergency assistance. You may want to laminate this page, so it isn't affected by moisture.

If you have a large property or multiple business sites, provide enough kits to cover the area. OSHA recommends that each emergency kit is outfitted for about two to three employees.

Beyond the Basics

Each area of the country is affected by different risks. Flooding may be a major concern for one community while violent crime is a top priority for other areas. Work closely with Stillwater, OK, storm cleanup and remediation professionals to determine additional items to include in your kit.

Just for Emergencies

Hopefully, neither you nor your employees should ever have to use a first aid kit while on your commercial properties. However, if an emergency or injury were to call for those supplies, you'll be glad to have the items on hand.

Board Up Services in Stillwater, OK

5/4/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Board Up Services in Stillwater, OK Board Up your home after a Fire Damage to protect your home from theft and vandalism.

Board Up Services

After a fire, there may be some gaping holes in your home. Firefighters use certain techniques to battle a fire and one of them is to break windows to vent the home of smoke.

Unfortunately, there are those in our community who would take advantage of those openings and use them to loot your home. A looting claim would be considered a second claim in most cases and still counts against your home policy.

SERVPRO of Stillwater / Guthrie can board up your home after a fire to keep it secure. We understand that there are a lot of decisions that need to be made between you and your insurance company. One of those decisions shouldn’t be a secondary claim due to theft and vandalism.

Natural Disaster Preparation

4/26/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Natural Disaster Preparation After a flood, the Federal Emergency Management Agency will send its own inspectors and assessors to the affected locations.

Many homeowners in Guthrie, OK understand that federal agencies such as FEMA exist to help citizens get their lives back on track after a devastating natural disaster. Consider the following extra details about their disbursal process.

1. Initial Stages

After a flood, the Federal Emergency Management Agency will send its own inspectors and assessors to the affected locations. This is because the government needs to create and maintain its own independent record of the damages to apportion limited aid funds based on need. These inspectors will look at individual homes and businesses to determine habitability and what materials and belongings can be salvaged. If the damage is moderate, a qualified local cleanup company may be more appropriate than a total rebuild.

2. Ownership

At this stage, the FEMA staff will likely ask the homeowners (if present) to verify possession of the home. This can be done with a physical deed or a request for public records from a courthouse in your municipality. Without proof of ownership, the distribution of federal aid becomes much more difficult. For the same reason, the prudent homeowner should keep vehicle titles and an inventory of home valuables in a secure location. If you need to evacuate, take these crucial legal documents with you to ensure they remain intact.

3. Insurance

The FEMA agent does not serve the same role as an insurance adjuster. The claim on your homeowner’s policy that you purchased as a private citizen will need to be verified by your specific insurance company. After the flooding has subsided and there is no immediate danger, an adjuster will arrive to assess your claim and take an inventory of damages. If you need to resolve a dispute with your agent, third-party public adjusters are also available.

Remember, the FEMA staff are there to help. Understand their response procedures so that you can quickly respond after a disaster in your area.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Commercial Water Damage Restoration Company

4/19/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage The Importance of Choosing the Right Commercial Water Damage Restoration Company Having the right help to assist with a pipe burst cleanup can benefit a business.

Water damage affects many businesses in Stillwater, OK and picking out a company to help with restoration can be overwhelming. However, there are various ways an efficient commercial water damage restoration business can make the process of a pipe burst cleanup easier.

1. Save Affected Items

Often, there are a multitude of items that are impacted after flooding occurs in a business. Everything from building materials to electronics can sustain damage. Although some restoration companies may only specialize in removing the water present in the building, it can be helpful to employ a restoration business that has the ability to restore various items.

2. Decrease the Cost of Claims and Save Time

When water damage experts are able to restore items instead of replacing them, the cost of your insurance claim is likely to decrease since restoration is generally less costly than replacement. Additionally, commercial water damage restoration experts are likely to know what practices and methods are most effective when it comes to pipe burst cleanup and mitigating the effects of flooding. By using the most current practices, professionals will be more likely to complete the restoration process in a timely manner.

3. Avoid Secondary Damage

Unfortunately, secondary damage such as mold growth is a common occurrence after a flood is caused by a broken pipe or a broken appliance. However, the right restoration company can help to prevent issues such as mold growth if water is quickly removed and the area is kept dry. Additionally, a sewer cleanup company can help to remove black water, water contaminated with hazardous materials, safely and quickly, which can help to prevent additional issues from occurring.

Having the right help to assist with a pipe burst cleanup can benefit a business. An experienced commercial water damage restoration company can help to save damaged items, decrease the overall cost of claims and save time and help to avoid secondary damage.