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4 Ways To Prevent Home Water Damage

5/18/2022 (Permalink)

Two people are seen walking on water in a flooded kitchen. A kitchen leak causes damage to a home in Navina, OK.

Protect Your Home From Unexpected Water Damage

Imagine returning from vacation only to find your home flooded and in need of a water pipe repair and cleanup from a water damage restoration company. Those who leave their house unattended for days at a time can be susceptible to water issues though in many cases, this is preventable. Follow these four tips to protect your Navina, OK, home from unexpected water damage.

1. Check for a Possible Broken Pipe or Leak
Inspect areas of your home for potential leaks, including your roof, water heater and pipes underneath all sinks. Detecting any broken pipes or troublesome leaks before leaving on a trip and addressing them right away can save you many headaches of coming home to surprise water damage.

2. Enlist Someone to Watch the House
If you plan to be away on vacation, it's wise to arrange for someone to stop by your home periodically and check on things. Make them familiar with your home's water main shut-off valve so the water supply can quickly be stopped in case an emergency water pipe repair is needed. If no one is available to do so, shut off the water main before leaving your house.

3. Clear Out Gutters
A simple way to prevent water damage is to clean your gutters. If clogged, water may not flow freely out of the downspout and can instead seep into your home. Be sure to check the state of your gutters before spending any significant time away from your house.

4. Be Mindful of Insulation
Never leave your house empty for a long period without considering its insulation first. Exposed pipes need proper insulation in freezing weather to prevent them from bursting. The best way to prevent this type of water pipe repair is to leave the heat on in your home during cold stretches.
Before your next trip, follow these simple steps so you can leave with the peace of mind that your home is best protected from water damage.

3 Reasons To Leave Puffback Soot Cleaning to the Pros

5/11/2022 (Permalink)

Soot with oil on wooden structure. Puffback damage cleanup should be left to the pros.

Puffback Damage Cleanup

When the temperature drops at the office in Ceres, OK, you probably just flip on the heat without a second thought. If you have an oil furnace, you might have been warned about puffback. Puffback is caused by incomplete combustion at ignition, which causes soot particles to fly through the heating system into the office.
Puffback damage cleanup should be left to the pros. Puffback can happen slowly, and you might think your janitorial team is doing a poor job. Or it can happen quickly, and there is suddenly soot everywhere. Here are three reasons to leave puffback soot cleaning to the pros.

1. Puffback Soot Is Sticky
In a typical fire, soot presents as fine, light dust. Furnace puffback happens in an oil furnace, and so the soot contains oil. It spreads through the office and coats every surface in a sticky coating that can't be easily removed. A commercial restoration company has specialized equipment to handle puffback soot.

2. Puffback Soot Can Spread
Because incomplete combustion occurs in the furnace, soot spreads throughout the entire HVAC system. Where heat should be the only thing coming out of a heater, sticky soot comes too. Puffback soot can get behind doors, into draws, and sticks in fabrics, including clothing, carpet, and curtains. Puffback damage can be worsened by trying to clean it by scrubbing or vacuuming.

3. Puffback Soot Does Real Damage
As soon as you realize that there is a puffback problem, call a professional. Puffback soot damages electronics because it gets into servers, keyboards, and hard drives. Pros have a cleaning process that can carefully restore your delicate electronics and protect your data.
Puffback damage can dramatically impact your office's productivity. A professional cleaning company should always handle Puffback soot to protect your belongings and your office space.

How Property Managers Can Prepare for Hurricanes

4/25/2022 (Permalink)

People escape to fire exit door If a mandatory evacuation is put into place, none of your staff should stay on the premises.

Preparation Tips for Hurricanes

As a property manager, you have a lot of responsibilities. One of them is storm preparedness. Hurricanes in Sumner, OK, can be particularly dangerous, so you need to make sure your building is ready for excessive rain and winds. Here are some preparation tips.

Contact Information
You should have an emergency contact list for everyone on your property. The list should include:

  • Names
  • Individuals with special needs
  • Email addresses
  • Cell and home phone numbers

Once the hurricane is over, you will need to file a claim with your insurance company. The insurer can often help you with storm-related expenses, including remediation and cleanup services.
To expedite the claims process, you should take time-stamped videos or photos of your property prior to the storm. The pictures should document the exterior of the premises and any common areas. Store the images off-site or back them up digitally so you can show them to the claims adjuster.

Cleaning the exterior of your property is important for storm preparedness. Before the storm arrives, you should empty the dumpster and secure any large outdoor items. Be sure to trim trees close to the building, as well.

Staff Delegation
As the hurricane approaches, make sure all of your staff members know their responsibilities. Front-desk workers, managers and engineers should remain on-site for as long as possible so they can assist everyone in the building. Once the winds increase, essential employees should work together to mitigate damage to HVAC systems, water pumps and other important equipment.
If a mandatory evacuation is put into place, none of your staff should stay on the premises. Before your employees leave, give them a phone number or email address that they can contact to find out about returning to work. As the property manager, you should be the last person to evacuate the property.
Storm preparedness is a necessary part of property management. The above tips should help you secure your building and keep everyone safe.

A Few Things To Know About Mold Testing

4/14/2022 (Permalink)

Blue rubber glove, holding a moisture meter against a wall Mold Testing in Stillwater, OK.

What You Should Know About Mold Testing

There are several reasons you might suspect you have a mold problem in your commercial building in Stillwater, OK. Signs include the presence of musty odors or the onset of health issues such as itchy eyes or a runny nose accompanied by frequent sneezing. An indoor environmental specialist can help you determine if excessive mold is present even though there are few if any visible signs. This professional should have experience and training in mold-sampling protocols. The specialist should have the equipment to perform tests and the knowledge to accurately interpret the results. The entire procedure should follow methods recommended by the American Industrial Hygiene Association or other professional organizations.

An Accurate Mold Test

When testing for the presence of mold, it is important the test be reliable and accurate. DIY testing kits are likely to produce ambiguous results, making it unclear if mold is actually a problem or if it just exists in small quantities. There are many benefits of working with a qualified indoor environmental specialist:

  • Advanced training
  • Specialized equipment
  • Professional certification
  • Clear results

A specialist will also work with other technicians to develop a remediation plan. This will ensure that all troublesome mold colonies will be removed in a way that will prevent a reoccurrence of the problem.

A Quality Cleanup

A professional mold remediation franchise has the resources to treat the trickiest situations involving mold growth. SERVPRO technicians are always Here to Help. They have seen it all and they know how to contain the spread of mold and clean mold from air ducts and other difficult locations. They use best practices for stopping fungal outbreaks with powerful cleaning agents. An indoor environmental specialist is just one of several technicians that ensure a lasting cleanup of your property. Mold will almost never go away on its own and it is resistant to many types of regular cleaning methods. Professional remediation is your best choice.

The Essential Items To Include in Your Business Emergency Kit

4/6/2022 (Permalink)

Kit supplies Increase the number of first-aid supplies based on how many employees or patrons are typically present.

What To Keep On Hand In Case of a Disaster

In the event of an emergency, a swift response is the most effective way to keep everyone safe. To react quickly, commercial property owners should have an emergency kit stocked with the supplies necessary to avoid danger or to shelter in place until relief arrives. Of course, this should include a basic first aid kit, but what other essential items should be kept in stock? Here is what to keep on hand in case of a disaster.

First-Aid Basics
If a disaster happens in Guthrie, OK, having some basic medical supplies on hand is essential, but what exactly should be in the first aid kit? The Occupational Safety and Health Administration recommends:

  • Gauze pads in various sizes
  • Adhesive band-aids in multiple sizes
  • Wound-cleaning agent
  • Splint
  • Elastic wraps
  • Latex gloves
  • Scissors
  • Resuscitation equipment
  • At least one blanket
  • Tweezers

Increase the number of first-aid supplies based on how many employees or patrons are typically present. Make sure to include directions for requesting emergency assistance as well.

Sanitation Items

Be sure to consider sanitation items. Maintain basic hygiene by including things such as hand sanitizer, deodorizers and toilet paper. Keeping disinfectants and hygiene products will maintain sanitary conditions until help arrives.

Comfort Items

Comfort items may not be as top-of-mind as a first aid kit, but they are also essential. Put in extra blankets for warmth and solar chargers to keep electronic devices online. There should also be food and water for the building’s emergency kit. Storm damage could threaten the building’s water supply or leave employees stranded waiting for storm cleanup crews. High-energy and non-perishable foods, such as canned meat and vegetables, will keep everyone nourished and comfortable.
Emergencies are unpredictable. Whether it’s an earthquake, a storm, or a fire, a disaster can strike at any time. Maintaining a well-stocked emergency kit with plenty of supplies will ensure that the building is equipped for the worst.

The Importance of a Security Fence After a Fire

3/22/2022 (Permalink)

Fence The installation of a security fence could prevent new harm and legal charges.

The Importance of a Security Fence

After your business or commercial properties have been affected by fire, the security of your entire company could be at risk. Naturally, officials from the fire department or public safety will tell you when it is safe for personnel to enter the building or stay away, but what about the equipment, belongings, and buildings? A temporary security fence could be the thing you need to protect against

  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Trespassing
  • Looters
  • Liability

After emergency teams leave your property, you'll be responsible for the security of the land, buildings, and possessions inside the buildings. If someone gets hurt on that property, even if they are there without permission, you could be liable for those injuries.

Potential Dangers to Intruders

There are a number of potentially dangerous situations after a fire. Although fire damage remediation and reconstruction professionals may be coming and going, other people may trespass while those professionals are away. Those interlopers could be exposed to leaking gas, damaged electric lines, slips on water, or weakened floors. A security fence around your property may keep these intruders out and protect you from legal actions.

Damages Done by Trespassers

If unauthorized people enter your property and cause further damage, your insurance company may refuse to pay for those damages. On the other hand, your agent may recommend installing fencing around the perimeter of your Perry, OK, commercial property. When this is the case, act quickly on the advice of the agent to prevent new damages.

Protect Your Property With Security Fencing

Fire damage can be a source of a lot of destruction. The installation of a security fence could prevent new harm and legal charges. When it's safe to return to your property, but construction hasn't yet been completed, tightened security may reduce losses due to theft, vandalism and damages that the insurance company won't cover, and legal liability for injuries that trespassers suffer.

Putting a Stop to a Toilet That Won’t Stop Flushing

3/17/2022 (Permalink)

Water in toilet bowl flushing A toilet that won't stop flushing can lead to water damage in your building.

Prevent a Toilet Flood In Your Commercial Property

A toilet that won’t stop flushing may not seem like a big deal, but toilet overflow can pose serious problems not just for the bathroom but other parts of your commercial property as well. As a toilet flushes, more water enters the toilet and can possibly spill over, seeping into the floor or the wall. This can lead to water damage and mold growth in your building in Navina, OK. Water on the floor is not only a potential slipping hazard, but it may also contain odors that impact the usability of your bathroom. It’s important to stop a toilet from continuous flushing that can lead to flooding.

Fixing the Flushometer

The flushometer Is a component that controls the flushing on a commercial toilet. Here’s how you can prevent a toilet flood by fixing the flushometer:

  • Use a flathead screwdriver to turn off the flushometer on a manual system. This is usually to the left or the right of the toilet’s pipe connection to the wall.
  • Remove flange cover.
  • Remove gasket and clean thoroughly, including the weephole. You may need to use a small, thin object to really clean the weephole.
  • Replace gasket and flange cover and turn on flushometer.
  • An automatic flushometer may require servicing.

Consult a professional water damage restoration specialist to make repairs and remediation for items impacted by toilet overflow. These pros are fully equipped and experienced in making any repairs necessary to bring your space back to pre-damage conditions. If any specialized techniques or approaches are needed such as odor control and disinfection, they will know best how to apply them.

Trusting the Professionals

While addressing a flushing toilet is something you may be able to do yourself, you should leave cleanup to a professional remediation service. Your custodial staff cannot fully repair and remediate any spaces or objects impacted by the water damage of toilet overflow. If your business or that of your tenants’ is interrupted by the damage, the professionals can minimize the repair period.
Don’t ignore a toilet that continues to flush. It can lead to serious damage, requiring commercial building restoration.

3 Features of Preferred Vendors

3/5/2022 (Permalink)

Generators placed outside a building for water restoration services. No job is too big or too small for SERVPRO of Stillwater and Guthrie.

Three Characteristics of Preferred Vendors

Most insurance companies maintain lists of Preferred Vendors for damage mitigation and restoration. These vendors usually share three features that lead insurers to consider their services more trustworthy than other businesses in Ceres, OK. Whether you are a homeowner or insurance agent, you should look for a vendor with the following qualifications.

1. Professional Certification

Insurers prefer to work with vendors that hold certifications recognized throughout the damage remediation industry. The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification administers standards and credentials in every major restoration field, such as content cleaning, fire, water and mold. IICRC and other specialized certifications can make an insurance company more likely to cover a claim.

2. Cutting-Edge Services

The IICRC and other industry-leading organizations are always improving and updating standards and requirements. As a result, restoration professionals who train in a particular area are also required to obtain continuing education credits to maintain certification. These requirements are spread over several years and include updates that will enable these professionals to use the latest methods. Improved equipment and treatments can allow for faster and more thorough restoration.

3. High Service Standards

An insurance agent will also tend to prefer companies that maintain high service standards. SERVPRO makes it possible for an agent or adjuster to access franchise and company comparisons as well as data on response times and costs. This information enables insurers to make sure that each estimate is in line with similar jobs. Furthermore, franchisees must sign a Participation Agreement and meet all 21 guidelines to receive Insurance Client referrals.

These features can help an insurance agent or client distinguish a Preferred Vendor from other mitigation and restoration companies in Ceres, OK. Vendor programs may vary based on the insurance company, but most insurers recognize the high quality of SERVPRO. This corporation has local franchises nationwide that respond Faster to Any Size Disaster.

Types of Damage Caused During a House Fire

2/21/2022 (Permalink)

severe fire damage inside a home Fire damage in Los Gatos, CA home.

The Different Types of Damage Caused by a House Fire

A house fire can be devastating and cause a lot of damage to your home. Along with fire damage, there are other types of damage that will require remediation as well. Here are a few things that you can expect if you experience a fire in your Los Gatos, CA home.

1. Damage Caused by Fire

The most obvious and expected type of damage is that caused by fire. A fire can cause significant damage to your home and belongings. You may end up with shattered windows as well as missing walls and roofing. Furniture and objects may require repairs or replacing.

2. Damage Caused by Water

Water damage might not be something that you would usually think of during a fire, but depending on the severity of the blaze, you could end up with quite a bit of it. When firefighters use a fire hose to put out the flames, it can fill your home with a lot of water which can cause damage of its own. You can call a remediation service to remove the water from your home and perform any needed repairs.

3. Damage Caused by Smoke

Even if the fire damage to your home is not extensive, you might have a lot of smoke damage that needs cleaning. Smoke can permeate your house and belongings even if the fire only affected a small area. Some evidence of smoke damage includes discolored walls or ceilings and a strong odor. If not removed properly, the smell of smoke can remain in your home for a long time after the fire occurred. There might be ash or soot present as well.
Because there can be several different kinds of damage after a fire, it is important that you call an emergency restoration service as soon as you can. They can help repair the fire damage as well as any other damage your home has suffered.

How Does SERVPRO Provide Fast Disaster Response?

2/18/2022 (Permalink)

Baseboard and drywall removed, drying equipment plugged SERVPRO Faster to Any Size Disaster.

How Does SERVPRO Provide Fast Disaster Response?

Homeowners and insurance agents should rely on a disaster mitigation and restoration company that responds quickly to calls arrives on-site within hours and provides a same-day verbal briefing. Here are several features that make SERVPRO Faster to Any Size Disaster.

Locally-Owned Franchises

The most important factor for providing a fast response to any type of disaster is the location of the mitigation and restoration company. The following features can shorten response times:

  • Local or regional franchise location
  • Certified and trained staff
  • Ability to rely on nearby locations

An independent mitigation or restoration company may not have the level of training or the ability to bring in more equipment or personnel in the event of a large loss. A local franchise combines all of the benefits of a local business and a national company.

Locations Nationwide

No matter where you live in the United States, there is likely to be a SERVPRO franchise nearby. Whether damage only affects a single home, a limited area or is more widespread, a national network of locations allows for faster responses:

  • Call response within one hour
  • On-site consultation within four hours
  • Verbal briefing within eight hours

If a franchise is located in your region, these response times should apply. SERVPRO excels at being Faster to Any Size Disaster because mitigation and restoration professionals are certified and trained.

All-In-One Services

The ability to rely on a single company for cleanup and rebuilding can shorten the length of the mitigation and restoration process. If you hire more than one independent company, initial estimates may not account for the full extent of the damage for the purposes of making an insurance claim. Coordinating schedules and requirements may also be more of a challenge. A one-stop-shop can simplify and streamline disaster response.

These three features make SERVPRO Faster to Any Size Disaster. Homeowners and insurance agents should consider working with a certified damage mitigation and restoration company with a location in Sumner, OK.