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How To Stay Safer in a Lightning Storm

5/17/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage How To Stay Safer in a Lightning Storm House fire in Guthrie, OK

Each year, firemen are called to thousands of lightning-started fires, many of those being in homes. A house fire started by a strike can be very dangerous. Flames occur at the point of contact, but because a bolt is pure electricity, it may also send an intense current along wiring or plumbing in the home causing additional fires, or causing electrical burns to those in the vicinity.

Five Tips for Staying Safer

Because lightning strikes randomly there is no way to predict a strike, but you can take steps to stay safer and learn what to do in case of a fire in your home.

1. Strikes can travel more than three miles from a storm cell – if you can hear thunder you are close enough for a strike - even up to 30 minutes after the last thunder is heard.
2. Your body can be an antenna, so stay indoors during a storm. Avoid metal sheds, barns or carports in favor of large, grounded structures. Do not sit on porches, near windows or in doorways.
3. If needed, get in a vehicle with hard top and sides. Never shelter under trees – that is the second leading cause of lightning fire casualties.
4. Avoid using computers or corded phones. Unplug the TV, computers, and major appliances to prevent electrical surge damage.
5. Wait to bathe, shower, or do laundry until the storm passes. Water can conduct electricity, so don’t do dishes or wash your hands during a thunderstorm.

In the event a person gets hit, it is critical to get help quickly, so call 911 immediately. If your home is struck and you suddenly find yourself in a house fire, avoid touching electrical and plumbing and get everyone out as quickly as possible. Get to safe shelter, then call for help.

Once things are under control, you may wish to call the local fire restoration technicians in Guthrie, OK, to help with lightning fire cleanup. They may be able to take the sting out of a difficult situation and help get your home back to normal.

What Goes in the Commercial First Aid Kit?

5/7/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage What Goes in the Commercial First Aid Kit? Kit supplies you should have in your first aid kit for your commercial building

What Should You Have In The First Aid Kit For Your Commercial Building?

The following list of supplies is the minimum required by Occupational Safety and Health Standards.

  1. Gauze pads that measure at least 4 x 4 inches and two large gauze pads that are at least 8 x 10 inches. One packed gauze roller bandage that is at least two inches wide.
  2. A box of adhesive bandages is required for small scrapes and punctures.
  3. Two triangular bandages, sometimes known as cravat bandages, are used with safety pins to function as a sling or as head wraps.
  4. Your first aid kit should include a splint that's appropriate for securing broken bones. Include padding to keep the injury stable.
  5. Adhesive tape, scissors, and two elastic wraps provide an additional layer of security for treating wounds.
  6. Put at least one blanket in your emergency kit.
  7.  Agents for cleaning wounds, such as packaged moistened towelettes, are crucial for keeping wounds and injuries from developing infections.
  8. Latex gloves, pocket masks, and tweezers are used to prevent contamination when injuries are treated.
  9. Include resuscitation equipment such as resuscitation bags and airway masks.
  10. Provide directions for obtaining emergency assistance. You may want to laminate this page, so it isn't affected by moisture.

If you have a large property or multiple business sites, provide enough kits to cover the area. OSHA recommends that each emergency kit is outfitted for about two to three employees.

Beyond the Basics

Each area of the country is affected by different risks. Flooding may be a major concern for one community while violent crime is a top priority for other areas. Work closely with Stillwater, OK, storm cleanup and remediation professionals to determine additional items to include in your kit.

Just for Emergencies

Hopefully, neither you nor your employees should ever have to use a first aid kit while on your commercial properties. However, if an emergency or injury were to call for those supplies, you'll be glad to have the items on hand.

Board Up Services in Stillwater, OK

5/4/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Board Up Services in Stillwater, OK Board Up your home after a Fire Damage to protect your home from theft and vandalism.

Board Up Services

After a fire, there may be some gaping holes in your home. Firefighters use certain techniques to battle a fire and one of them is to break windows to vent the home of smoke.

Unfortunately, there are those in our community who would take advantage of those openings and use them to loot your home. A looting claim would be considered a second claim in most cases and still counts against your home policy.

SERVPRO of Stillwater / Guthrie can board up your home after a fire to keep it secure. We understand that there are a lot of decisions that need to be made between you and your insurance company. One of those decisions shouldn’t be a secondary claim due to theft and vandalism.

Natural Disaster Preparation

4/26/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Natural Disaster Preparation After a flood, the Federal Emergency Management Agency will send its own inspectors and assessors to the affected locations.

Many homeowners in Guthrie, OK understand that federal agencies such as FEMA exist to help citizens get their lives back on track after a devastating natural disaster. Consider the following extra details about their disbursal process.

1. Initial Stages

After a flood, the Federal Emergency Management Agency will send its own inspectors and assessors to the affected locations. This is because the government needs to create and maintain its own independent record of the damages to apportion limited aid funds based on need. These inspectors will look at individual homes and businesses to determine habitability and what materials and belongings can be salvaged. If the damage is moderate, a qualified local cleanup company may be more appropriate than a total rebuild.

2. Ownership

At this stage, the FEMA staff will likely ask the homeowners (if present) to verify possession of the home. This can be done with a physical deed or a request for public records from a courthouse in your municipality. Without proof of ownership, the distribution of federal aid becomes much more difficult. For the same reason, the prudent homeowner should keep vehicle titles and an inventory of home valuables in a secure location. If you need to evacuate, take these crucial legal documents with you to ensure they remain intact.

3. Insurance

The FEMA agent does not serve the same role as an insurance adjuster. The claim on your homeowner’s policy that you purchased as a private citizen will need to be verified by your specific insurance company. After the flooding has subsided and there is no immediate danger, an adjuster will arrive to assess your claim and take an inventory of damages. If you need to resolve a dispute with your agent, third-party public adjusters are also available.

Remember, the FEMA staff are there to help. Understand their response procedures so that you can quickly respond after a disaster in your area.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Commercial Water Damage Restoration Company

4/19/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage The Importance of Choosing the Right Commercial Water Damage Restoration Company Having the right help to assist with a pipe burst cleanup can benefit a business.

Water damage affects many businesses in Stillwater, OK and picking out a company to help with restoration can be overwhelming. However, there are various ways an efficient commercial water damage restoration business can make the process of a pipe burst cleanup easier.

1. Save Affected Items

Often, there are a multitude of items that are impacted after flooding occurs in a business. Everything from building materials to electronics can sustain damage. Although some restoration companies may only specialize in removing the water present in the building, it can be helpful to employ a restoration business that has the ability to restore various items.

2. Decrease the Cost of Claims and Save Time

When water damage experts are able to restore items instead of replacing them, the cost of your insurance claim is likely to decrease since restoration is generally less costly than replacement. Additionally, commercial water damage restoration experts are likely to know what practices and methods are most effective when it comes to pipe burst cleanup and mitigating the effects of flooding. By using the most current practices, professionals will be more likely to complete the restoration process in a timely manner.

3. Avoid Secondary Damage

Unfortunately, secondary damage such as mold growth is a common occurrence after a flood is caused by a broken pipe or a broken appliance. However, the right restoration company can help to prevent issues such as mold growth if water is quickly removed and the area is kept dry. Additionally, a sewer cleanup company can help to remove black water, water contaminated with hazardous materials, safely and quickly, which can help to prevent additional issues from occurring.

Having the right help to assist with a pipe burst cleanup can benefit a business. An experienced commercial water damage restoration company can help to save damaged items, decrease the overall cost of claims and save time and help to avoid secondary damage.

Indoor Environmental Specialists Play a Role in Controlling Mold You Can't See

4/14/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial Indoor Environmental Specialists Play a Role in Controlling Mold You Can't See As a property owner or manager, concern over mold growth may one of your top priorities.

As a property owner or manager, concern over mold growth may one of your top priorities. Any dark, humid space with a suitable organic substance can provide the ideal breeding ground for this intruder. Unfortunately, those organic substances are plentiful in the walls, ceilings, and floors of any property. One common problem for commercial property owners is that mold can become a problem before there's any visible proof of its existence. This is where an indoor environmental specialist comes in.

What These Professionals Do

According to the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification and other national and international professional agencies, the work of an indoor environmental professional includes the following:

  • Assessing fungal ecologies on the property, including systems and contents
  • Creating sampling strategies
  • Sampling the indoor environment
  • Interpreting data
  • Determining the course of corrective action

Many states have initiated standards and exams that professionals must adhere to before they can claim the title of an indoor environmental specialist. This move helps property managers feel confident in the work of the technicians.

A Hidden Threat to Your Properties

The unfortunate truth is that by the time you see visible evidence of mold growth, the problem could be widespread. Don't wait to see those black spots or to smell unpleasant odors before scheduling a mold test. Professionals in Perry, OK should visit your properties annually, at least, to make sure your properties aren't hosting unwanted colonies of mold and mildew.

A Combination of Understanding and Professional Efforts

The more you know about mold, the better you can control the environmental factors that support its growth. As you learn more about the conditions that spread spores and cause mold to thrive, you can take any necessary steps to prevent further trouble. An indoor environmental specialist is a key player in these actions. Schedule routine inspections and be sure to carry out the strategies that professionals recommend for the protection of your Perry, OK properties.

3 Reasons to Choose SERVPRO

3/26/2019 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO 3 Reasons to Choose SERVPRO SERVPRO is a trusted preferred vendor for many insurance companies.

3 Reasons To Choose SERVPRO

As an insurance adjuster in Stillwater, OK when the client makes a restoration claim you may want to feel confident about the professional restoration service chosen to do the job. SERVPRO is a trusted preferred vendor for many insurance companies. There are a number of reasons for this.

SERVPRO Offers a Variety of Services

As a preferred vendor, this company can offer a variety of services for both the client and their insurance company. These include

  • The ability to deal with large-scale disasters
  • The ability to work with a variety damage types
  • Pre-testing which may reduce claim expenses
  • Availability to electronic claims information
  • An inventory service
  • Cleaning of both structure and damaged items

They Have a Quick Response Time

One important aspect of restoration company can offer both the client and the insurance adjuster, is a quick response time. In many cases the faster damage can be cleaned up and restored, especially with water damage, the less overall problems the structure may incur. This can be especially problematic with issues caused by water which can lead to potential problems with mold. Thus the ability to assess, process, and begin the restoration process quickly can be a valuable asset.

They Can Coordinate With Your Insurance

Another valuable tool a preferred provider can offer to the agent processing the insurance claim is the ability to work with the insurance company throughout the process. In many cases this may involve regular project progress reports, along with an online database of damaged inventory, referrals, estimates, paperwork, and photos of the damaged structure, along with other necessary details the agent may need.

These offerings maybe important to your client, and as an insurance adjuster may also make your ability to process the claim easier. Along with a variety of services SERVPRO can offer a quick emergency response time for many disaster types, and a number of tools that make it possible to coordinate with the insurance throughout the process. If you have any questions professional might be able to help.

Understanding Flood Water Types

3/19/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage Understanding Flood Water Types Identify your water type and talk to a water damage specialist to schedule proper removal.

Understanding Flood Water Types

Water can be a priceless resource for drinking and cleaning. But dirty water can be a major danger to your home. Be it from a flood, a backed-up supply line or even an overflowing toilet, contaminated water poses a major threat if it isn’t properly cleaned up. What are the three main types of water to look out for in your Perry, OK home? Read on for the answers.

Different Water Sources

Of course, all h20 is chemically the same. Differences come down to where it comes from and more specifically, what materials it may have encountered. The main three categories of flood water are:

  • Clean water
  • Gray water
  • Black water

The latter two are forms of contaminated water that can be a major threat to your health.

Clean Water

When it comes to flooding, clean water is the least offensive type. This water typically comes from roof leaks, appliance malfunctions, tub overflows or any other source that does not naturally involve human or animal waste. The main threat from this type of water is mold and mildew damage.

Gray Water

Like its name suggests, this type of water falls in between good and bad. This is mildly soiled water due to its origin. It may be tainted by microorganisms, and typically comes from sump pump failures, toilets or dishwashers. Gray water should be removed quickly to avoid progressing to the next level.

Black Water

By far the worst type of flood water to encounter, black water carries significant health hazards. Stemming largely from toilets, this water is pathogen-rich and often contains urine or feces. This water can carry hepatitis, cryptosporidiosis, gastroenteritis and more so it’s important it’s professionally removed, fast.

Understanding if contaminated water is causing your home damage is an important step in making a cleanup plan. Identify your water type and talk to a water damage specialist to schedule proper removal.

The Importance of Water Damage Mitigation

3/8/2019 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation The Importance of Water Damage Mitigation Excessive amounts of water can quickly lead to the growth of mold

The Importance Of Water Damage Mitigation

Are you concerned about the potential growth of destructive mold at your Perry, OK home? If you frequently suffer from water-related problems and emergencies in your house, your concerns are understandable. Excessive amounts of water can quickly lead to the growth of mold in many cases - because of this fact, water damage prevention is the best method of mold prevention for most homeowners.

Halting Household Mold Growth

There are a few important steps to take in order to stop mold in its tracks when moisture damage exists or is imminent. Consider following them in this order for the best results:

  1. Turn off sources of water, particularly near the source of a moisture problem
  2. Turn off air conditioners and other HVAC systems
  3. Turn off any fans around the house
  4. Seek professional mitigation assistance for the damage

While you should always quickly follow the first three steps in a water emergency - especially if black mold is already present - the fourth and final step is typically the most essential for effective mold prevention. Even if there does not seem to be any physical mold present, any wetness that is allowed to sit around for long will likely lead to black mold. The faster you call in mitigation help, the better your chances of saving your property from mold and possibly even avoiding a destructive water situation altogether.

Calling in Professional Help

Your best bet for efficient, high-quality service and mold prevention is to contact a local Perry, OK 24/7 emergency mold remediation service that employs highly trained technicians who understand mold and water damage issues that can affect your home and belongings. A full-service company is better equipped to handle the many facets of your emergency than a more focused one would typically be, giving you a better chance of seeing full or near-full restoration of your property.

Differences Between Grey and Black Water

2/25/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Differences Between Grey and Black Water Black water in Stillwater, OK

What Type of Water Has Appeared After a Flood in Your Home?

The level of concern you should feel after a flood inside your home depends on what type of water has appeared. There is white water, which is plain, clean water with little to no contaminants. You should be able to tell when water is contaminated based on the color and odor, and you should never attempt a DIY fix without professional guidance. Contact professionals in Stillwater, OK who know how to safely handle water damage caused by grey or black water. 

Grey Water 

Grey water refers to liquids that come out from pipes and other structures that does not contain human waste. This water may contain: 

  • Fats 
  • Oils 
  • Soap particles 
  • Hair 

While this does result in a certain amount of contamination, it is not as severe as it could be, and there is less of a risk of people in the vicinity suffering from health problems caused by exposure. If your household uses natural, biodegradable soaps free or boron, chlorine and sodium, then you will have even less to fear. However, if left untreated, this type of water can slowly grow worse. 

Black Water 

Water damage from black water is a severe problem that needs to be addressed immediately. When flooding occurs due to a blockage in the sewer system, drains in your house will bring up water contaminated by fecal matter and pathogens. A professional team will need to be brought in to safely remove the waste and the affected drywall. 

When you discover water backing up into your home, you need to take prompt action to handle it right away to curtail a disaster. If you cannot tell where the water came from or if it has darkened in color even in the slightest, then you should avoid touching it, because you could end up hurting yourself. Instead, leave water damage remediation in Stillwater, OK to the professionals. 

Visit for more information on storm damage.