Water Damage Photo Gallery

Water leaks in a bathroom

After a water loss, it is important to have a crew come in and get to work as quickly as possible to minimize the chances of further damage. Our SERVPRO of Stillwater and Guthrie team has the best team and equipment to properly restore your home or business back to preloss conditions. 

Water Logged Walls

If your Stillwater home experiences damage from unexpected flooding or leaks, you need a company that can respond quickly. Our SERVPRO of Stillwater and Guthrie team has the best team and equipment to properly restore your home or business back to preloss conditions.

SERVPRO of Stillwater & Guthrie - Water Damage

Remember to call our SERVPRO of Stillwater & Guthrie team for your water damage cleanup and restoration needs in Stillwater, OK. Our team is always available for immediate response if your home or business experiences water damage.

Drying Equipment in Place

The drying equipment is up and running in a Guthrie, OK, home after a small water loss. When disaster strikes, our SERVPRO of Stillwater & Guthrie team is only one call away. 

Take a second to check out these Water Damage Tips.

Moisture Reading in Stillwater, OK

Pictured above is our SERVPRO of Stillwater & Guthrie team checking moisture levels in a wall of a home in Stillwater, OK, after a pipe burst and caused damage.

Check out these water damage tips and what you can do until our SERVPRO team arrives.

Large Sewage Backup

This home suffered damage from a large sewage backup and our team was called to clean up the damage. As you can see, there was a lot of sewage in this home. If you have a problem like this, call us!

Damaged Laundry Room

The laundry room in this image was covered in water and mold when the ceiling collapsed after it became saturated by a water leak that went unnoticed for a while. If you have a loss like this, give us a call.

Pipe Break Causes Collapsed Ceiling

A pipe break upstairs in this home was the culprit in this ceiling collapse. The ceiling became saturated with water and this was the eventual result. If your home experiences a water loss, call us.

Kitchen Ceiling Collapse

A leaking pipe upstairs caused lots of problems for this home. The ceiling became saturated with water and then collapsed, causing the damage you see pictured here. If you have a water loss like this call SERVPRO!

Equipment for Restoration Clean up

These are air movers that are used for drying the floor and area in your home or business after a water loss.  The air movers dry quickly and allow SERVPRO to put them down where needed and finish the rest of the job. 

Commercial office suffered from water loss

This commercial office space suffered from a water loss in Oklahoma.  SERVPRO responded to this emergency with signifiant amounts of water in the floor.  They quickly removed the water and began drying. 

Work area affected by Water

This work area suffered from a water loss. The team at SERVPRO removed the drywall affected by water to dry and ensure no damage inside the wall.  They restored the area back to pre water conditions. 

Water Loss to Home in OK

SERVPRO responded to this home after a water loss.  They quickly came in and extracted the water from the floor.  The technicians use their techniques and equipment to get the water up without causing more damage.

Removing Insulation After A Water Loss

When insulation becomes wet, there is no way to dry it that will allow it to maintain its original R-value. So when the walls become saturated with water, it is necessary to perform flood cuts and remove the affected insulation.

Performing Flood Cuts

This facility had a large water loss that affected most of its interior, including the walls in this image. As you can see, we have performed flood cuts in order to remove any affected material.