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Top Reasons Why You Can't Ignore Mold

9/26/2019 (Permalink)

Torn ceiling with mold on a kitchen Mold damage on ceiling from a kitchen

Top Reasons Why You Can't Ignore Mold

Household mold can be a serious and aggravating situation to handle. No matter how much you wipe and disinfect, the black fuzz seems to come back. Any homeowner could be forgiven for hoping if they ignore it long enough, the mold will just die off. The fact is that mold will not just go away, and without proper removal, black mold can spread through your Navina, OK, dwelling. Here are a few reasons you don’t want to overlook mold in your home.

It Develops Everywhere

Mold spores are all around us in the environment and have the potential to grow just about anywhere. The key to where they take root is moisture and warmth. Warm temperatures, accompanied by a moisture problem, often occur frequently in homes, particularly in:

  • Laundry rooms
  • Attics
  • Bathrooms
  • Beneath sinks

It Won’t Go Away

Mold is a living organism, so it’s a natural thought that it will eventually run out of sustenance and die. But that’s not how black mold or any mold works. If mold has water and warmth, it will continue to thrive. What’s more, because this hardy fungus has roots that go beyond the surface, just wiping off what you can see won’t get rid of it for good.

It Destroys Your Surfaces

Mold thrives on the nutrients on surfaces and organic materials like wood, paper and even glue. That includes many of the components that comprise walls, shelves and floors. Given long enough, mold can eat through these surfaces and cause costly damage to your home.
If you have a small area of mold in your home, getting rid of it can be as simple as applying specialized solutions to kill it at the root. For larger or more extensive mold infestations, leave it to qualified, trained and experienced mold remediation personnel. Reach out to a professional mold cleanup company to banish black mold from your home for good.

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