Recent Mold Remediation Before & After Photos

The Reason We Use Drying Equipment

When a home suffers a water loss, the crew of SERVPRO of Stillwater & Guthrie will often use drying equipment. One question we often get asked is why we use... READ MORE

Mold In The Kitchen

This home suffered a loss due to a mold situation that was caused by a leaking pipe in the wall of this kitchen. Our team was called in to handle the cleanup of... READ MORE

Removing Mold And Moisture

A leak that went undiscovered for a while caused mold to begin growing in and on the wall pictured here. Mold is often a sign of a bigger problem, as was the ca... READ MORE

Mold Situation Due To Wet Insulation

When this facility had a heavy leak in one of its pipes, the insulation became saturated with water and created an excellent environment for the growth of mold.... READ MORE

Leak Leads To Mold

This facility had a pipe that was leaking and caused the walls to become a perfect environment for microbial growth. As you can see, the mold started showing on... READ MORE

Mold Removal In Commercial Building

Mold can grow quickly and loves a dark, moist environment. A burst pipe in this facility created that exact environment. The water damage was fairly severe in t... READ MORE