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3 Ways To Remove Smells From Your Microwave

8/28/2022 (Permalink)

Low angle view of baked soda with vinegar, natural blend for effective household cleaning Vinegar and baking can remove smoke odor from your microwave.

DIY Solutions You Can Use To Remove Odor From Your Microwave

If you're like most people, you probably use your microwave a lot. They are used by everyone, from those just learning to cook to master chefs. However, with use comes accidents that can leave a nasty smoke smell in your appliance. Fortunately, there are several DIY solutions that you can use to remove this odor from every crevice.

1. Vinegar and Baking Soda
You probably have these pantry staples in your home in Guthrie, OK create the toughest DIY solution for tackling a lingering smoke smell. To use this method, gather the vinegar, baking soda, and a clean sponge. Let the sponge saturate with vinegar and pour baking soda on it. Heat it inside the appliance for 20 seconds. When it is finished, use the sponge to clean the inside. Wipe this off with a soapy sponge and dry it with a towel.

2. Baking Soda
If you're fresh out of vinegar, you can use plain baking soda. Clean your appliance as normal and place an opened box of this cleaner inside. If you buy the big boxes, you may want to place a generous amount in a bowl and place inside. Let this sit overnight to fight smells.

3. Coffee
Coffee is another pantry staple that can remove your stubborn smoke smell. To use this option, put two tablespoons inside a mug and add water. Heat the solution for two minutes, stopping it if it starts to boil. Let it sit for a minute and repeat. Check the amount of water, add some if it is low, and repeat. Keep repeating the two minutes of heat and one minute of rest. When you have reached 10 minutes of heating, remove the cup. Often, this will remove the smell without any additional effort. If it doesn't, it may be time to call a fire restoration company to have them remove the odor.
This appliance is your kitchen's workhorse. To get inside the tightest spots, like the vent grill, you should use one of these DIY solutions. They can tackle even the worst smells.

Learn About the Top Strategies for Preventing a Hotel Fire

6/19/2022 (Permalink)

Electricity short circuit / Electrical failure resulting in electricity wire burnt Faulty electrical sockets can spark a fire.

Strategies for Preventing a Hotel Fire

A hotel fire is a disastrous situation that endangers multiple people and destroys large amounts of property. Preventing one can be challenging since various potential factors can ignite it. Thankfully, you have employees who can look after the entire building. Learn about some of the top prevention strategies you will need to protect your Guthrie, OK, hotel. 

Review Potential Hazards
Your facility has a large number of potential hazards that can spark a fire. Record every item and operation inside the hotel and then create a list of all possible scenarios such as: 

  • Defective electric appliances
  • Damaged wires
  • Faulty electrical sockets
  • Blocked ventilation
  • Improperly disposed cigarettes 
  • Cluttered kindling (furniture, paper, chemicals, etc.)

Predicting these risks can help you create solutions for each one. The hotel's conditions can change over time, so it is important to constantly update these assessments. 

Encourage Fire Prevention
Reducing the chances of a hotel fire is a task you cannot accomplish alone. Your staff can assist you whenever possible. Besides basic information such as evacuation routes and extinguisher locations, they should also know prevention tactics. Use information from the fire hazard evaluations to encourage safety practices such as thoroughly cleaning rooms and reporting incidents and malfunctioning devices. Take it a step further and kindly encourage guests to follow these guidelines as well. 

Assign Fire Wardens
Although everyone should know prevention and evacuation procedures, there should be established leaders who can help others. Fire wardens can fulfill leadership roles that involve thwarting and responding to fires. Some of their responsibilities include directing guests to safety, informing crew members about fire hazards and disclosing information to you, emergency response agents and fire restoration technicians. Assign wardens to their own floor and ensure they know the layout, the guest list and other crucial information.  
Preventing a hotel fire can sound like an overwhelming feat due to the building's size and population. If you and your employees follow the right prevention strategies, you can minimize or outright avoid a disaster. 

Follow These Easy Steps to Clean Your Gas Range

6/6/2022 (Permalink)

Cleaning the gas stove. Cleaning the kitchen. Maintenance of appliances in the kitchen. Gas stoves need regular maintenance work to prevent accidental fires

Clean Your Gas Range

Many people delay cleaning due to a lack of time or know-how. But gas stoves need regular maintenance work to prevent accidental fires or unpleasant charred smells in your Perry, OK, home. Save time and prevent fire hazards by following these simple steps to clean your gas range.

1. Preliminary Cleaning
Always make certain your range is turned off before you begin cleaning!
First, fill a sink or large bowl with hot water and dish soap. Remove the grates and burner caps from the stove and soak them in soapy water. Next, use a dry paper towel or brush to scrape off loose debris from the stovetop. Don't forget to lift off the burner heads and clean beneath them, too. Clearing away food particles helps prevent a smoke smell during cooking.

2. Scrub Away Stains
Make a 1:1 solution of vinegar and water and use it to spray down the gas range until the entire surface is wet, including the dials. Let sit for one minute, then wipe the range with a clean paper towel or rag.
The vinegar solution may not remove all stains. If any stubborn marks remain, dip the head of a toothbrush or other small brush in dish soap and use it to scrub the range until the stains are lifted. Remove any remaining grime with a wet towel.

3. Clean Removeable Parts
Take the grates and burner caps out of the soapy water. Remove any remaining grease with the brush from the previous step. Then, use a pin or needle to clean between the tines of burner heads. 

4. Finish Range Cleaning
Dry off the removable range parts and place them back in their proper positions on the stovetop. Congrats, you're done cleaning!
Cleaning is a necessary chore, but it doesn't have to be hard. Clean your gas range in no time by following these conveniently organized steps. If your gas appliance has smoke or fire damage, contact a trusted fire restoration company to discuss your options.

The Importance of a Security Fence After a Fire

3/22/2022 (Permalink)

Fence The installation of a security fence could prevent new harm and legal charges.

The Importance of a Security Fence

After your business or commercial properties have been affected by fire, the security of your entire company could be at risk. Naturally, officials from the fire department or public safety will tell you when it is safe for personnel to enter the building or stay away, but what about the equipment, belongings, and buildings? A temporary security fence could be the thing you need to protect against

  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Trespassing
  • Looters
  • Liability

After emergency teams leave your property, you'll be responsible for the security of the land, buildings, and possessions inside the buildings. If someone gets hurt on that property, even if they are there without permission, you could be liable for those injuries.

Potential Dangers to Intruders

There are a number of potentially dangerous situations after a fire. Although fire damage remediation and reconstruction professionals may be coming and going, other people may trespass while those professionals are away. Those interlopers could be exposed to leaking gas, damaged electric lines, slips on water, or weakened floors. A security fence around your property may keep these intruders out and protect you from legal actions.

Damages Done by Trespassers

If unauthorized people enter your property and cause further damage, your insurance company may refuse to pay for those damages. On the other hand, your agent may recommend installing fencing around the perimeter of your Perry, OK, commercial property. When this is the case, act quickly on the advice of the agent to prevent new damages.

Protect Your Property With Security Fencing

Fire damage can be a source of a lot of destruction. The installation of a security fence could prevent new harm and legal charges. When it's safe to return to your property, but construction hasn't yet been completed, tightened security may reduce losses due to theft, vandalism and damages that the insurance company won't cover, and legal liability for injuries that trespassers suffer.

Types of Damage Caused During a House Fire

2/21/2022 (Permalink)

severe fire damage inside a home Fire damage in Stillwater, OK home.

The Different Types of Damage Caused by a House Fire

A house fire can be devastating and cause a lot of damage to your home. Along with fire damage, there are other types of damage that will require remediation as well. Here are a few things that you can expect if you experience a fire in your Stillwater, OK home.

1. Damage Caused by Fire

The most obvious and expected type of damage is that caused by fire. A fire can cause significant damage to your home and belongings. You may end up with shattered windows as well as missing walls and roofing. Furniture and objects may require repairs or replacing.

2. Damage Caused by Water

Water damage might not be something that you would usually think of during a fire, but depending on the severity of the blaze, you could end up with quite a bit of it. When firefighters use a fire hose to put out the flames, it can fill your home with a lot of water which can cause damage of its own. You can call a remediation service to remove the water from your home and perform any needed repairs.

3. Damage Caused by Smoke

Even if the fire damage to your home is not extensive, you might have a lot of smoke damage that needs cleaning. Smoke can permeate your house and belongings even if the fire only affected a small area. Some evidence of smoke damage includes discolored walls or ceilings and a strong odor. If not removed properly, the smell of smoke can remain in your home for a long time after the fire occurred. There might be ash or soot present as well.
Because there can be several different kinds of damage after a fire, it is important that you call an emergency restoration service as soon as you can. They can help repair the fire damage as well as any other damage your home has suffered.

6 Leading Causes of Home Fires

11/2/2021 (Permalink)

Inside of a home completely damaged by fire A home fire in Navina, OK.

Common Fire Causes

A home fire can be an extremely devastating experience for any homeowner in Navina, OK. Understanding common fire causes can help you evaluate and safeguard your home.

1. Faulty Wiring

Faulty wiring inside your walls or appliances can be a significant fire hazard. Symptoms of damaged home wiring include frequently blown fuses or lights spontaneously dimming when appliances are in use.

If you have concerns about your home’s electrical wiring, promptly contact a licensed electrician. You should also avoid using any appliances that have frayed or damaged cords.

2. Overloaded Outlets and Extension Cords

Most outlets are designed to accommodate two electrical plugs. Attempting to plug additional items into a single outlet can overload it, increasing the risk of a home fire. As an added precaution, you should also limit the use of extension cords and avoid placing them under rugs where they may overheat.

3. Cooking Accidents

To reduce the risk of a damaging kitchen fire and the need for extensive fire cleaning, you should never leave your stove unattended while cooking. Remaining attentive can prevent pots and pans from overheating and grease or other flammable liquids from igniting.

4. Portable Heaters

Portable heaters are another leading cause of fires. To operate your heater safely, refrain from placing it near curtains, blankets, paper or upholstered furniture.

5. Cigarettes

Improperly disposed cigarette butts can also ignite a fire. Smoking outside helps minimize this risk. If you choose to smoke inside your home, refrain from doing so while in bed and ensure you carefully extinguish butts inside an ash tray.

6. Matches and Candles

Matches and candles can also be dangerous. Never leave a burning candle unattended and ensure that children in the home understand that candles and matches are not toys. These items should be used only with adult supervision.

A home fire can result in significant damage necessitating extensive fire cleaning and restoration. Although no homeowner can completely eliminate their home’s fire risk, remaining vigilant in the kitchen and taking precautions with heaters, cigarettes, candles and extension cords can help prevent a potentially destructive fire.

Getting Your Business Back on Track After a Fire

10/29/2021 (Permalink)

Apartment building damaged by fire, firefighters present on scene Fire damage in Stillwater, OK area.

Returning Your Business to Normalcy After a Fire

When you’re dealing with fire damage to your Stillwater, OK, business, you should get back up and running as soon as possible. Completing the maze of paperwork, meeting with an insurance adjuster, and getting estimates on repairs can consume all of your time when all you really want to do is get back to work. Once the flames are out, take these steps to make your way through the process as efficiently as possible.

1. Call your insurance company as soon as possible. It should open a claim and send out an adjuster to evaluate the fire damage. Depending on your policy, it may also provide an up-front cash payment so you can hire a cleaning crew and/or restoration service to start making repairs.

2. Take pictures and document all the damage you can. Do this only after the fire department says it’s safe for you to go back onto the property. Wear gloves and a breathing mask while you’re doing this.

3. Contact a professional company to help you start on the road to reopening. Often referred to as disaster restoration providers, these are specially trained teams that know how to put things back together structurally and cosmetically. They can even remove smoke odor, which is bad for your health and continues to damage surfaces if not cleaned properly right away.

4. Consider hiring a fire mitigation company once you’re up and running again. This is strongly recommended, especially if you’re in an industry with an above-average risk of fire, like handling flammable chemicals or working with materials at high temperatures. These consultants can evaluate your workflow and space and give you tips on how to avoid future fires. If you can find one company to do the cleanup, restoration, and mitigation, you can speed up the recovery process considerably.

Fire damage doesn’t have to be catastrophic to your Stillwater, OK, business. Now you know the right steps to take once the flames are out.

Furnace Maintenance Tips

7/29/2021 (Permalink)

Home furnace air filter replacement Change the filters on your furnace on regular basis.

Make Sure Your Furnace Stays In a Good Shape

One of the main ways to ensure that your home in Austin, TX, is a comfortable place to live is by maintaining your furnace and air conditioning systems. Regular maintenance of the furnace is necessary to avoid breakdown. Furthermore, if you neglect your furnace, you may end up needing fire cleaning services from restoration specialists when the system causes fire damage. Here are a few ways to ensure that your furnace stays in good shape.

Preliminary Checkup

Before the first cold snap is expected, you need to check to make sure your furnace is working. You don't want to wait until you need it to discover that it requires repair. Turn the unit on to see if it generates heat. If not, one of three things could be the problem:

  • Lack of power to source
  • Obstruction in air distribution
  • Thermostat issues

A qualified technician can accurately and safely diagnose the problem. If the furnace starts to smoke during an inspection, he or she can also probably handle the smoke cleaning.

Ongoing Maintenance

During the season the heater is used, regular care can help you avoid having to hire fire cleaning services. The simplest way to maintain your furnace is by changing the filters on a regular basis. If too much dust builds up on the filter, it can start to break down. When that happens, there's nothing to keep the dust out of the furnace itself, which can be a significant fire hazard. Excessive dust can also keep the air from flowing through like it needs to.

Post-Season Service

When spring has sprung, you may have little need of your heater for a few months. This is a great time to schedule its yearly tune up. Maintenance professionals can pinpoint and fix problems before you turn the furnace off for a while rather than letting them go undiscovered for months on end. As an added bonus, warmer weather means you may get a discount on off-season furnace maintenance.

Professionals who specialize in fire cleaning are also great at helping with preventative maintenance. Maintaining your furnace is necessary for your home's safety.

Tips for Making a Fire Claim

7/29/2021 (Permalink)

Insurance claim form File your insurance claim without delay.

How to File A Fire Claim

In the unfortunate event of a house fire in Sumner, OK feelings of not knowing where to begin the fire restoration process would be natural. Once you are certain that everyone is safe, there are steps to take to organize your response. After the fire trucks leave, it is important to seek professional help to assess the damage and secure the structure instead of trying to do this on your own.

Simplifying the Insurance Process

Home fire expenses can mount up quickly, and that is where your insurer steps in. To achieve the maximum benefit of your fire insurance policy, there are a few important tips to keep in mind.

  • Call your insurance company to ask for an advance against your claim if you find that you have immediate expenses to cover out of pocket. This will be deducted from your overall claim once it is settled.
  • Obtain a copy of the police report.
  • Make a detailed list of losses, and don’t discard anything until after the adjuster’s visit. Documenting damage and losses is essential to a fair settlement.
  • File your insurance claim without delay.
  • Track all expenses related to fire restoration, and keep all receipts.
  • Collect accurate and appropriate repair estimates in writing.
  • Do not feel compelled to settle unless you are satisfied with the insurance company’s response. It is likely to be a negotiation.

Recovering From a Fire

Replacement, repair and restoration are all part of the process of rebounding from a house fire. However, feeling overwhelmed by all that needs to be done does not have to be inevitable. A methodical approach will go a long way in making the process run smoothly. Documenting all expenses and keeping the lines of communication open with your insurer will help keep things moving in the right direction. Fire restoration is not complete until you are resettled in your home with all remediation, including smoke cleaning, finished to your satisfaction.

Do You Know What To Do If a Fire Happens In Your Home?

6/29/2021 (Permalink)

Exterior of a home damaged by fire, tarped roof Fire damage in Navina, OK.

What To Do If There Is A Fire At Your Home?

While you’ll hopefully never need to deal with fire restoration, it’s wise to be prepared for any scenario. This is especially true if you own an older home or use a fireplace or space heater for warmth. It’s easy to become flustered and confused after you experience fire damage in your home, but here are three important things you should do in the hours and days after any fire event. 

1. Have Emergency Contacts On Hand

It’s wise to always have emergency contacts in Navina, OK, on hand so you don’t have to look them up when you’re experiencing a fire or other emergency. Keep a list of emergency contacts on your refrigerator and in your phone’s contacts list. You might also want to memorize your local fire department and police department phone numbers so you can call them immediately when needed. 

2. Call Your Insurance Company

Call your home insurance company immediately after the fire. Let them know what happened and schedule a time to speak with your insurance representative about your fire insurance coverage. Make sure you understand what steps you need to take to confirm your insurance policy covers the damage.

3. Call Restoration Experts 

Smoke cleaning and fire restoration are not for the faint of heart. The best thing to do is call fire restoration professionals and have them inspect the damage. After performing a thorough evaluation, they’ll be able to develop a detailed plan of action for your home. Depending on the damage, they may offer board-up, water removal, smoke cleaning, sanitizing and restoration services. 

There’s no need to become overwhelmed by smoke and fire damage in your home. Fire restoration professionals are highly experienced in restoring damage due to smoke and fires and will do everything they can to return your home to like-new condition. 

How To Create a Fire Escape Plan for Your Family

12/14/2020 (Permalink)

Map of a house and escape routes Each member of your family needs to have multiple plans for how to exit your home

How To Create a Fire Escape Plan for Your Family

You've been teaching your child from a young age that fire is dangerous. They know not to leave a kitchen towel on the stove or a burning candle unattended. Does your family have a fire escape plan? Depending on the age of your children, they may roll their eyes—they've been talking about fire safety in Sumner, OK, since preschool so they think anything related to kids' safety is silly. However, an emergency escape plan at school is different than at home. Regardless of how "cool" your kids think it is, discussing and practicing an escape plan can save lives.

1. Plan to Evacuate
Each member of your family needs to have multiple plans for how to exit your home, including at least two safe ways to escape from their bedroom. Talk about how to crawl underneath the smoke and check doors for danger. Consider installing fire safety ladders for higher-story rooms. Discuss what should be done if your child finds themselves trapped and unable to escape.

2. Plan to Meet
Where will your family convene once everyone has safely exited the home? A central meeting spot when escaping a home fire protects families and firefighters. Often, firefighters have to go into dangerous situations to find children who were actually safe, but the family didn't have a meeting spot. Don't just talk about it, go to the spot.

3. Plan to Recover
Your kids' safety is your top priority, but that extends to caring for them after a fire has damaged your home. Contact your insurance company now to learn which local fire remediation company you can work with so that you don't have to do the research after a crisis. Make a plan for who you can stay with and for how long if you can't return immediately to your home.
Although discussing a fire escape plan may seem daunting, your kids' safety is worth it, and you'll all have peace of mind knowing that you are prepared.

Fire Escape Planning: It's Just Good Business

11/4/2020 (Permalink)

Escape plan Develop a high-quality fire escape plan to protect people and property

Here Are Some Ideas

With increasing instances of extreme weather, many business owners in Guthrie, OK, lose sleep worrying about a potential fire in their place of business. Like you, they know the consequences are enormous. A fire threatens the lives of your employees and the very life of your business. That's why every business owner should develop a high-quality fire escape plan to protect people and property. 

1. Consider possible scenarios and take precautions. Q: Where would a fire likely ignite? A: The office kitchen. Q: How would it start? A: Cooking left unattended. Possible office rule: Don't leave the kitchen while cooking or using the microwave.

2. Ensure fire protection supplies are in working order. Regularly check fire alarms, fire doors and emergency lighting. Locate fire extinguishers for easy access. Remember that fires move quickly. If you can't extinguish a fire in under 30 seconds, stop, leave and call the fire department.

3. Map, post and publicize possible emergency routes. Conduct and time semi-annual fire drills to practice fast, safe exiting. Occasionally challenge employees by pretending certain exits are blocked. Include windows as possible exits and, if applicable, the use of upper floor rescue ladders.

4. Assign a fire warden. Appoint a fire escape plan leader to direct employees out of your building in the event of a real emergency.

5. Distribute a communications pamphlet. As part of your emergency escape plan, include a list of employee fallback communications (text, cell phone, email, mobile app). Specify remote work options if your workplace is inaccessible. Formulate nonstandard ways to contact and work with customers, vendors and contractors during the post-fire recovery period.

6. Plan for post-fire remediation. Establish a working relationship with a firm specializing in disaster restoration services.
A sound, user-friendly fire escape plan is just good business. Careful preparation and regular practice can save lives and prevent property damage.

4 Types of Water Damage Caused by Fires

9/29/2020 (Permalink)

Water sprinkler. A professional fire cleanup service can help you dry out your building quickly and efficiently.

The powerful hoses and sprinkler systems used to extinguish fires can cause extensive damage that requires water cleanup. If you have had a fire in your building, these are four of the types of water damage you can expect to see.

1. Mold Growth
Water can easily penetrate the porous surfaces in your building. Moisture provides a fertile ground for mold growth. To reduce your chances of extensive mold, you may want to contact a fire restoration company in Stillwater, OK, as soon as possible to perform fire cleanup and dry out your building.

2. Warped and Rotten Wood Surfaces
If you have floors, furniture, or other items made of wood, these can easily be damaged by excess moisture. Prompt water cleanup can help you avoid wooden surfaces becoming warped or rotten. You should inspect all of your wooden surfaces and items and discard any with damage that is more than cosmetic.

3. Damaged Ceilings
Ceilings that may have already been weakened by fire damage can easily collapse when saturated with water. If you have paneled ceilings, you may be able to remove and replace just the damaged panels. However, for some types of ceilings, you may need to replace the entire ceiling. Smoke can also damage ceilings, so it can be a good idea to perform smoke cleanup on any ceiling materials that are not replaced.

4. Drywall Damage
If you have drywall in your building, some of it will probably be damaged by the water used to put out the fire. You may be able to save part of it by drying it out, but you will probably need to have some damaged areas removed and replaced.

Prompt water cleanup after a fire is an important step to avoid damage caused by excess moisture, such as mold. A professional fire cleanup service can help you dry out your building quickly and efficiently.

4 Tips to Fix a Beeping Smoke Alarm

9/25/2020 (Permalink)

Changing battery to a smoke detector Experts recommend changing the batteries every six months

Tips On Fixing Beeping Smoke Alarms

Knowing that a fire alarm is the first line of defense, the last thing you need is constant chirping when there is no fire. Becoming complacent to the sound could quickly lead to a fire growing, resulting in extensive fire damage to your Sumner, OK, home. Anytime it goes off without smoke or flames around, the following can help you solve the problem and get back to trusting your fire prevention system.

1. Change the Batteries
A frequent beep often means the batteries are running low. Experts recommend changing the batteries every six months. Be sure to note the placement of the battery before removing the old one. If installed improperly, it may continue to make noise or not work at all.

2. Reset Alarm
If you know the alarm has a newer battery but continues to make noise, resetting it can help you troubleshoot the problem. For battery-powered alarms, remove the battery and press the test button for approximately 20 seconds. For hardwired, removing the fire alarm from the ceiling disconnects the power. After the reset, reattach or remount and perform a regular test with the power on.

3. Keep It Dust-Free
Like about anything else, smoke alarms can get dusty. That is especially so if you have completed some recent home projects that stirred up dust and debris. If the battery is good and the reset work, try blowing out the vents.

4. Invest in a New One
Although a certified fire alarm is a trusted tool, they only last so long. They should be replaced every 10 years. Whatever your budget, there is an array of newer systems on the market from the simple cost-efficient standard type to pricier smart alarms that can keep you connected away from home.
Gambling with a chirpy fire alarm is a sure way to need the help of a fire and smoke damage restoration specialist. Although easy to forget, make sure maintaining alarms stays on the always to-do list.

How To Salvage Smoke Damaged Computers

9/24/2020 (Permalink)

Computer and flames. Before discarding them, take the appropriate measures to see if they can be rescued.

An electrical fire within your business affects more than just the immediate burn area. The soot generated by flames floats everywhere, contaminating digital devices such as printers, copiers, and, most devastatingly, computers. Thankfully, you may be able to salvage equipment by treating it correctly.

How Does Smoke Damage Computers?
Ash harms workstations in three ways:
1. By causing circuits to short out, a failure triggered by smoke’s magnetic charge.
2. By causing overheating, a result of black film buildup.
3. By eating through inner components, a byproduct of smoke’s inherent acidity.

Hire a professional to periodically report upon your building’s power system, as doing so can help avoid an electrical fire. Otherwise, you may find yourself needing a commercial fire restoration service to return normalcy to your office in Stillwater, OK.

How Should Smoke Damaged Computers Be Cleaned?
Attempt to salvage data by removing memory cards and hard drives, then inserting them into unaffected machines. With any luck, your information will still be accessible. Remember that using the cloud and performing regular backups are great ways to circumvent this tense situation from transpiring.

To begin the computer cleanup process, have staffers save and power down those that are currently running. This step is critical, as premature usage causes permanent destruction. Remove all plugs to be certain nothing can turn back on. Take a soft, dry towel, and wipe away the exterior soot.

Next, use a can of compressed air to blow out ports and vents. If corrosion or other imperfections are visible, deliver the item to an expert that can analyze its condition.

Remember that PCs are often covered under warranty, so check your records. Replacing those that have been compromised is always preferable to rehabilitation. It may be time for an upgrade anyway.

Smoke from an electrical fire poses a serious threat to computers, but those that are directly affected can often be saved. Before discarding them, take the appropriate measures to see if they can be rescued.

Steps for Landlords to Take After Rental Property Fire

7/3/2020 (Permalink)

Apartment fire Apartment fire in Sumner, OK

An apartment fire can be limited to one apartment or spread to a number of them. As a landlord in Sumner, OK, it’s your responsibility to have the affected buildings and other property that you own (e.g., appliances) restored and/or replaced. The tenants are responsible for their property.

What Steps Should Be Taken To Solve the Situation?

1. Check on Your Tenants
Your tenants must be checked on as soon as possible to make sure that they’re safe and to know of any damage in their spaces. Also, ask them about the details of the time surrounding the fire and if they have an idea of how it started, etc.

2. Inform Your Insurance Company
It’s important to immediately notify your insurance agent about the fire. The claim process should begin as soon as possible so that restoration can begin and the tenants can begin looking forward to resuming occupancy and their normal routine.

3. Contact Fire Restoration Professionals
Contact a fire damage remediation company to make an appointment to have the damage from the apartment fire assessed. This will provide your insurance company with information about the damage and get your property on the road to recovery.

4. Notify Renters About the Next Steps
Make sure that your tenants who have damaged property have contacted their insurance company if they have renter’s insurance. This is especially important if there are uninhabitable units; the insurance company can provide temporary housing for the tenants. In the case of tenants who don’t have renter’s insurance, the American Red Cross can help with temporary housing and other emergency essentials.

5. Arrange a Walk-Through With a Fire Officer
You and affected tenants will need to do a walk-through with the fire officer to assess the damage and to collect salvageable personal belongings. You, employees, and tenants must wait for the fire department to check the affected area before entering.
If your property experiences an apartment fire, it’s critical to begin the recovery process as soon as possible. Fire damage restoration experts are Here to Help.

What Should You Do If You Suspect a Gas Leak in Your Home?

6/4/2020 (Permalink)

gas leak detector box on cement wall A gas leak in your Guthrie, OK, home could be dangerous

A gas leak in your Guthrie, OK, home could be dangerous. While the natural gas you use for cooking isn't toxic, it is incredibly flammable. It could thus cause a gas fire or even a gas explosion. You thus need to address the issue as soon as possible.

Signs of a Gas Leak

While the gas itself is not visible, there are some easy ways to tell whether there is excess gas in your home. You just need to use your eyes, nose, and ears. Any of the following could be evidence of a gas leak:

  • The sound of hissing from an appliance or pipe
  • The smell of sulfur or rotten eggs
  • The appearance of bubbles in wet areas

The Proper Response
The gas you smell may simply be coming from your stove. Check to see if someone accidentally left on one of the burners.
If that is not the cause of stench, then you likely have a gas leak. Your next step should be opening the doors and windows of your home. This will ventilate the area and allow the gas to leave the building.
To prevent a gas fire, avoid using any electronics or phones inside the house. You should not light any matches or turn on appliances, either. Instead, you should evacuate the property and dial 911. You may also want to shut off your gas meter if you know how to do so.

Prevention and Mitigation
Once it is safe to go back into your house, you can take steps to prevent gas problems in the future. Make sure to check your exhausts and change your furnace filter regularly. You should also store contact information for your local emergency restoration professionals, just in case a gas fire does occur.
If you smell rotten eggs in your home, act quickly to prevent a devastating blaze or explosion. Ventilate your home immediately and get you and your family to safety.

Creating a Serious Plan

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SERVPRO Logo. The business owner needs to think about the many ways they make sure this problem never happens to them again.

It is imperative to create a plan after commercial fire damage by a firefighter and a fire suppression system. Fire restoration efforts must be all about fully getting rid of any smoke damage, soot damage, and lingering fire damage from all areas of the property. The plan needs to be about working to figure out specifics.

A business owner may have found that a fire sprinkler system went off by accident and did not stop causing water damage to multiple areas of the space. They also may find that the fire sprinkler system was also in place and set off by firefighters walking across the property. Any owner needs to keep in mind that the professionals they hire for the clean up may need a great deal of time in order to complete the project.

The complete cleanup efforts should also be about putting into place efforts that can help assist any business owner with making sure they can open up space again with as little loss of revenue as possible. It's important to think as long-term as possible. The business owner needs to think about the many ways they make sure this problem never happens to them again. When a plan is put into place to help prevent future fires, this allows the business owner to think about the many ways they can fireproof all parts of their business. Any business owner should have a long-term fire reaction plan in place.

What Types of Fire Coverage Does Homeowners Insurance Include?

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Document of Homeowners Insurance Policy Typically homeowners insurance covers fire and smoke damage

What Types Of Coverage Does Homeowners Insurance 

Don’t wait until you’re in the wake of a home fire to go exploring what your homeowner's insurance covers. Typically homeowners insurance covers fire and smoke damage, with a few exceptions such as arson or a vacant home fire. So, what types of coverage does homeowners insurance usually include?

1. Dwelling and Attached Structures
Dwelling coverage covers repair costs to your home and any attached structure such as a garage or porch. If your home is a total loss, your insurance typically would pay a lump sum, minus the amount of your deductible. If there are only portions of your house that are damaged, insurance would cover the costs to repair them, less any deductible.

2. Detached Structures
In addition to your house, detached structures such as garages, storage buildings, sheds and fences. Landscaping is also often covered.

3. Personal Property
Homeowners insurance typically includes coverage for personal property that’s destroyed in a home fire. This includes everything from clothing to appliances to furniture. It’s best to inventory your possessions in advance of a possible fire. Since valuable items usually have a set per-item limit, each piece should be individually listed with its own coverage amount.

4. Loss of Use
If a major fire occurs at your home you’ll likely have to evacuate and stay in a temporary shelter for possibly months. Homeowners insurance will typically reimburse for living expenses during this time. These expenses including hotel stays and food.

5. Liability
A fire could spread from your house to your neighbor’s property. Liability insurance coverage protects homeowners against lawsuits and other damages associated with this.
It’s important to understand your homeowner's insurance and know what is covered before a disaster occurs. If your property sustains damage from a home fire in Perry, OK, you can trust fire damage cleanup professionals to return your house to its preloss condition as soon as possible.

Leading Causes of Home Fires

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Electrical failure resulting in electricity wire burnt Faulty wiring can cause a home fire

Most Common Causes of House Fires

A home fire is something no one wants to experience, but they happen every day. Fortunately, many fires are preventable with the proper care and maintenance of a property. However, to make sure you are protected, you need to know the most common causes of house fires.

Heating equipment
Cooking equipment
Faulty wiring

Heating Equipment

One of the leading fire causes, especially in the colder months, is portable heaters. These elements must be kept at least three feet away from anything flammable. Also, do not use extension cords to plug the unit in.

Cooking Equipment

Grease fires are another common cause of house fires. Pans can quickly overheat if left unattended. Always have someone keeping an eye on cooking equipment to ensure things don't get out of control.


Faulty appliances or those that are not maintained properly can lead to a significant number of blazes annually. For example, dryers need to have their lint traps cleaned regularly to ensure that lint and other elements do not buildup in the exhaust system and ignite.

Faulty Wiring

Faulty wiring can cause a home fire. If you moved into an older home, make sure that your wiring is checked by a licensed electrician to ensure it is up to code. Also, remember to have your critical systems inspected at least once per year.


While candles are beautiful for creating ambiance, they are not the safest options for use in a home because children and animals easily topple them. Try using LED candles instead.


Smokers need to be especially careful when lighting up in the home, especially if they are in the habit of smoking before bed. Cigarettes can lead to house fires and even death due to the proximity to potential victims.
While you can keep a watchful eye over these common causes, accidents do happen. If your home is damaged in a fire, you can hire fire cleaning services to restore your home in Ceres, OK.
A home fire is a tragedy. Be watchful and mindful of common causes to prevent such a travesty for your family.

3 Tips for Proper Fire Extinguisher Use

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A fire extinguisher Keeping a fire extinguisher at your Perry, OK, home can be an important step for fire safety

Tips For In Home Extinguisher Use

Keeping a fire extinguisher at your Perry, OK, home can be an important step for fire safety. Many fire restoration professionals recommend following tips for in home extinguisher use.

1. Keep in At Risk Areas

It's recommended to have extinguishers kept in easy to reach locations near at risk areas. Extinguishers are most often used to put out a kitchen fire, but you may also want to have them located in spaces such as a patio where a grill may be located, and in the garage which many people also use as a workshop area. It's also a good idea to ensure that every member of your family knows where these units are located.

2. P.A.S.S

Remember to properly use the fire extinguisher to ensure that the suppressant inside is distributed evenly over the flames, as this is considered to be the most effective method. Experts have come up with the acronym P.A.S.S. help make the usage steps easy to remember. This stands for Pull, Aim, Squeeze, and Sweep. Pull the lock pin or tab, aim the nozzle at the fire, squeeze the trigger, and spray in a sweeping motion. For large fires contact emergency professionals.

3. Replace or Refill

To help prevent future fire damage it's best to have your extinguisher replaced or refilled, according to manufacturer's instructions, as soon as possible after its use. Additionally, if you have not used your unit for an extended length of time you may want to have it checked over to ensure that it is still functioning.
It's important to keep a fire extinguisher an at-risk areas such as the kitchen or garage. Doing so will allow you to have one on hand and the event an emergency should occur. If you do have to use your extinguisher it's important to remember to pull, aim, squeeze, and sweep to help ensure the fire suppressant is spread evenly over the flames. For larger fires you will want to contact the appropriate emergency services. After your extinguisher has been used, remember to refill or replace the unit according to its type.

Are My Pets Included in My Fire Evacuation Plan?

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In case of a fire remember to include a 72 hour kit for each pet

Are My Pets Included in My Fire Evacuation Plan?

You may have a family evacuation plan set up, but have you considered what you would do with your pets in a fire emergency? Here are some tips for making sure that your pets are taken care of should the unthinkable happen at your home in Perry, OK:

1. Pet Tags and Microchip

One of the most important tips for pet safety is to make sure that your pets are always easily identifiable. In addition to a collar with your pet’s name and your contact information, you can have your pet microchipped. Make sure that pets also wear their rabies tag.

2. Pet Fire Escape Plan

Your pet preparation will be an addition to the family evacuation plan that you should already have in place. Be sure that you know your pet’s hiding places. Have leashes, crates and carriers easily accessible. Pets such as birds, reptiles and rodents will be caged, so plan a way to quickly remove the cage. Place your phone number, pet name and medical needs on these carriers in case you and your pets get separated.

3. Pet Rescue Decal

Many pet stores and animal welfare sites have decals that you can place on a window to alert emergency responders that pets are in your home in the case of a fire emergency. You can write your pet info such as the number of pets and types of pets and an emergency contact phone number. These are usually placed at the front door.

4. Pet Emergency Kit

Keep a pet emergency kit close to an exit. Include your pet’s medical information such as medications and allergies. It is helpful to include blankets, toys, food, water and bowls. Keep it in a waterproof bag and make it light enough to handle in case you have to leave in a hurry.
No one likes thinking about something as devastating as a fire emergency at their home. But having a plan eliminates some of the worry. Once everyone is safely out of the home, a fire cleanup expert can help your family’s life return to normal as soon as possible.

Don't DIY Tarp Services After a Fire

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Roof damaged by fire in a commercial building in Ceres, OK

Fire Cleanup Efforts

Whether the wind has blown a swath of shingles from your roof or a fire has left a gaping hole all the way to the attic, one of the first steps in fire cleanup efforts should be installing a tarp on the roof. With the protection of roofing materials gone, your business may be exposed to rain, wind, and debris. Animals and other trespassers may gain access to the attic. Before you climb up to fix a tarp yourself, consider the following safety information:

  • Never get onto your roof during a lightning storm.
  • Steep roofing surfaces require specialized harness systems.
  • Falls from the roof account for 30 percent of construction accidents and up to 75 percent of fatalities.

Other risks of working on the roof include electrocution and tool-related injuries.
You could face trouble from your business insurance because of taking risks by going onto your roof.
Fortunately, you don't have to face those risks. Fire remediation and restoration professionals often offer tarp services within a very short time frame and can complete any following roof repair work quickly.

Turn Repairs Over to Professionals

When these fire cleanup professionals arrive, they may bring supplies such as polyethylene sheeting to use as a tarp, long lengths of wood to fasten edges of the tarp, duct tape, screws, tools, and safety equipment. However, the amount of training these professionals have is even more important than any of these tools. As they install the tarp, they'll take steps to ensure protection from water, dirt, and most animal intruders.

Complete Other Tasks

In addition to staying off your roof, protect your well-being and that of your employees and customers by staying out of the property until you have permission from the appropriate officials. Instead of trying to complete repairs, consider making phone calls to your insurance provider, business partners, and any public safety officials, as necessary.
Fire cleanup steps involve a lot of risks. When your Ceres, OK, company faces fire-related damages, turn the repairs over to experienced crews and devote your attention to other necessary tasks.

How To Stay Safer in a Lightning Storm

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House fire in Guthrie, OK

Each year, firemen are called to thousands of lightning-started fires, many of those being in homes. A house fire started by a strike can be very dangerous. Flames occur at the point of contact, but because a bolt is pure electricity, it may also send an intense current along wiring or plumbing in the home causing additional fires, or causing electrical burns to those in the vicinity.

Five Tips for Staying Safer

Because lightning strikes randomly there is no way to predict a strike, but you can take steps to stay safer and learn what to do in case of a fire in your home.

1. Strikes can travel more than three miles from a storm cell – if you can hear thunder you are close enough for a strike - even up to 30 minutes after the last thunder is heard.
2. Your body can be an antenna, so stay indoors during a storm. Avoid metal sheds, barns or carports in favor of large, grounded structures. Do not sit on porches, near windows or in doorways.
3. If needed, get in a vehicle with hard top and sides. Never shelter under trees – that is the second leading cause of lightning fire casualties.
4. Avoid using computers or corded phones. Unplug the TV, computers, and major appliances to prevent electrical surge damage.
5. Wait to bathe, shower, or do laundry until the storm passes. Water can conduct electricity, so don’t do dishes or wash your hands during a thunderstorm.

In the event a person gets hit, it is critical to get help quickly, so call 911 immediately. If your home is struck and you suddenly find yourself in a house fire, avoid touching electrical and plumbing and get everyone out as quickly as possible. Get to safe shelter, then call for help.

Once things are under control, you may wish to call the local fire restoration technicians in Guthrie, OK, to help with lightning fire cleanup. They may be able to take the sting out of a difficult situation and help get your home back to normal.

Board Up Services in Stillwater, OK

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Board Up your home after a Fire Damage to protect your home from theft and vandalism.

Board Up Services

After a fire, there may be some gaping holes in your home. Firefighters use certain techniques to battle a fire and one of them is to break windows to vent the home of smoke.

Unfortunately, there are those in our community who would take advantage of those openings and use them to loot your home. A looting claim would be considered a second claim in most cases and still counts against your home policy.

SERVPRO of Stillwater / Guthrie can board up your home after a fire to keep it secure. We understand that there are a lot of decisions that need to be made between you and your insurance company. One of those decisions shouldn’t be a secondary claim due to theft and vandalism.

3 Alternatives to Candles in Your Home

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Candles are common cause of home fires

Alternative Safe Candles

A fire in your home in Guthrie, OK can be disastrous, and candles are a common cause of home fires. Although candles can add a pleasant scent to your home, there are various candle alternatives that are considered to be safer.

1. Oil Diffusers

Oil diffusers are simple to use and can help to promote a calming atmosphere in your home. A few drops of essential oils are added to water, and the diffuser will distribute the oils into the air in your home. Essential oils come in a wide range of fragrances, though it’s often important to make sure the oils you use are safe for pets and young children. Oil diffusers come in many styles, making it easy to find a diffuser that fits in with your home.

2. Wax Warmers

A wax warmer is one of many popular candle alternatives. A wax warmer allows you to experience the fragrance of your favorite candle while minimizing the risk of a fire. Wax warmers are often inexpensive, and many stores offer their signature candle fragrances in waxes. If you have a candle that you don’t want to go to waste, it’s also possible to remove the wax from a candle and place it into the wax warmer.

3. Candles Without Flames

Candles often add a feeling of coziness to a home, but the risk of a candle fire can make candles less enjoyable and safe to use. However, flameless candles are often an excellent alternative. Candles without flames can still provide a warm glow to an area and can appear extremely realistic. Unlike regular candles, however, candles without flames are long-lasting and do not need to be replaced frequently.

Oil diffusers, wax warmers and candles without flames are candle alternatives that offer many of the benefits of candles without the risk of causing a fire. Many people whose homes have been damaged by a fire find it helpful to contact fire damage restoration professionals.

Dryer Maintenance 101

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Proper dryer maintenance may help prevent a lint fire in your Guthrie, OK home

Dryer Maintenance 101

Around 2,900 dryer fires occur each year including incidents in Guthrie, OK. If you’re concerned about protecting your home, proper dryer maintenance is one important step toward lint fire prevention. Here are some maintenance tips you may want to know about.

1. Observe Dryer Safety

One way to avoid a dryer fire is to observe dryer use safety recommendations. These include things like not overloading your dryer, not letting it run without someone in the house, and ensuring that it’s off before you head to bed. It’s also important to never put flammable materials inside the dryer. These include rags or clothing that may have come into contacts with substances such as grease, alcohol, paint, or gasoline. Items containing rubber such as potholders, bathmats, or footwear will come with washing instructions that should be observed as well.

2. Clean Your Dryer Regularly

Cleaning your dryer regularly may help you avoid a potential lint fire. It’s easy to remove the lint from the lint screen after each use, but your dryer should be deep cleaned at least once a year. Depending on your dryer use frequency you may want to clean it as soon as every three month. After unplugging the dryer, you can vacuum out the lint trap, clean the exhaust hose and exterior vents, and in most cases remove the back panel to clean out any accumulated lint inside the machine.

3. If Issues Persist, Contact a Professional.

If you’re experiencing problems with your dryer it’s best to contact a professional to service the machine. If you do experience a dryer fire, then a fire damage restoration professional may be able to conduct repairs and restore your home to its pre-fire state.

Proper dryer maintenance may help prevent a lint fire in your home. Always observe the manufacturer's instructions when drying items and avoid leaving a running dryer unattended. If your dryer is malfunctioning it’s best to contact a professional for repairs.

"Maintain Your Furnace to Avoid House Fires"

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Furnace maintenance can reduce the possibility of fires in your Stillwater,OK home

If you've ever had reason to schedule fire cleaning, you know how frustrating even small home fires can be. Fortunately, some basic safety habits and routine furnace maintenance can reduce the possibility of fires in your Stillwater, OK, home. Heating systems are generally pretty self-sufficient and don't require much attention. With just a few quick and easy steps, you can keep your furnace in top condition for safe operation during the winter.

Visually Inspect Components When the Seasons Change

When your heating or cooling system does malfunction, one of the following components are probably at fault.

  • Thermostat
  • Power supply
  • Ignition switch
  • The blower

Keep the Units Clean

One of the worst enemies of heating and cooling systems is dirt. A buildup of dust and household dirt can lead to decreased fuel efficiency and increased wear and tear. Protect the efficiency of the furnace and heating system by regularly cleaning components and lubricating and adjusting belts.

Handle Repairs As Soon As They Appear

Whenever a problem occurs, begin your troubleshooting efforts with the simplest fixes. Sometimes, a little bit of common sense and patient efforts are all you need to avoid residential fires and the fire cleaning that follows. If you can't handle the repair yourself, you'll probably find that paying for minor repairs and upkeep is much less expensive than more extensive damage.

Maintain Personal Safety Throughout Repairs

Don't forget to turn off all power to your furnace or heating system before you complete any maintenance or repairs to avoid a household fire and the ensuring fire cleaning work. This may entail tripping the circuit breaker or even remove the fuse that controls the unit. If you notice electrical problems or smell in gas in your home, contact a professional to handle the problem. If you're not sure what to look for during inspections or how to move forward with repairs, you may want to contact a fire and smoke cleaning and restoration company to handle the maintenance.

Top Fire Preparation Tips for Homeowners

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Prepare your home in Stillwater, OK, your family and yourself for a home fire by heeding the above fire safety tips.

Being in a home fire in Stillwater, OK, is a nightmare. You wonder, what could be worse? The answer is not being prepared. In order to act quickly in any emergency, you must understand and practice what to do ahead of time. Fire preparation is no different. To prepare your home and your family, institute the following fire safety tips.


The best time for fire preparation is now. If you wait until there is a fire, it is too late.

• Install functioning smoke detectors in your home. At the minimum, this includes alarms outside the sleeping areas and on each level of your home. Maintain your detectors by changing the batteries at least once per year and checking the alarm once per month. If possible, install interconnected detectors that sound at the same time when one is triggered. Teach all family members the sound of the alarm and what it means.
• Plan an escape plan, ensuring that all family members know two ways to exit each room.
• Determine an outside meeting place and how to contact one another.
• Teach even young children how and when to call 911 in an emergency.


Repetition of fire safety skills increases the chance of acting quickly in a fire.

• Practice the predetermined family escape plan twice a year or more. Start from different rooms of the house or use a stopwatch to make it more challenging.
• Practice how to stop, drop and roll in the event a home fire spreads to clothing.

Prepare your home in Stillwater, OK, your family and yourself for a home fire by heeding the above fire safety tips. If your nightmare becomes a reality, use what you have learned and practiced during fire preparation to lead your family to safety. Once out of danger, consider the next steps to repair your home. Start by contacting a fire restoration specialist to help you through the process of cleaning and restoring your house and personal belongings. Also call your insurance agent, as fire damage is covered under most homeowner’s policies. For more information, visit 

3 Methods For Maintaining Your Furnace

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To prevent hazards that could result in fire cleaning, following these useful methods for maintenance can go a long way.

While many things in your Stillwater, OK, home require consistent cleaning and maintenance on a regular basis, there are some areas that fall by the wayside — like your furnace. Though you depend on it to keep you and your family comfortable, giving it proper treatment and ensuring its efficiency is rarely the first thought on people’s minds. Here are three methods for maintaining your furnace from here on out, preventing any potential issues that could result in costly professional fire cleaning in the future.

1. Depending on the type of filter in your furnace, make sure to clean or inspect it on a frequent basis. Different types of filters ask for varying levels of maintenance, such as fiberglass filters needing a change once a month or electronic air-cleaner filters that only need a sprucing up every other month. Verify which type your furnace uses and keep it consistently monitored to prevent any dust and debris buildup.

2. Keep an eye on the state of the furnace’s pilot light. Before the hottest or coldest months out of the year arrive, checking on the functionality of your furnace is key. This means verifying that your pilot light is burning regularly. Though some lights can be relit by hand using the instructions inside the access door, it’s best to call upon professionals if the process requires steps you’re unsure about.

3. Have specialized technicians perform an annual inspection. Most newer models need only be inspected once a year, but if issues regarding the device’s performance are in question, contacting professionals is a smart option. They can check to ensure problems like ventilation or corrosion are properly addressed, while also handling any fire cleaning or smoke cleaning after an accident that could result due to poor maintenance over time.

Like anything else in your Stillwater, OK, residence, the home’s furnace requires support and maintenance regularly to sustain efficient use and safe-keeping. To prevent hazards that could result in fire cleaning, following these useful methods for maintenance can go a long way. For more information, visit

Enlisting the Services of SERVPRO

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When you enlist the services of a restoration company, property owners will have the opportunity to get valuable assistance.

A company that specializes in fire damage restoration goes through a process when restoring a home or business.

The first thing these companies will do is look over the property and determine the significance of the fire damage resulting from a fire in business or fire in home. They will then board up parts of a home or commercial building before eliminating debris and particles from a fire.

During this process, a restoration service company will eliminate a smoke smell, smoke damage and soot damage. After completing the fire cleanup process, they will then give property owners a course of action to take in order to preserve their property. This will usually entail cleaning the property and keeping flammable objects away from certain appliances.

There is more information about fire on our website

Guidance From a Fire Restoration Company

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Be in a better position for recovery with SERVPRO of Stillwater / Guthrie

With the guidance provided by a restoration service company, property owners will be in position to quickly recover from commercial fire damage and/or a fire on their home.

Experiencing a fire on a home or business can be a very unsettling thing to go through. However, the assistance provided by restoration service companies will allow you to more quickly resolve problems that occur from a fire: Smoke; Soot; Odor; and Structural Damage.

With the assistance of restoration professionals, property owners will be in position to ensure that their property gets back to top condition and remains safe during the restoration process.

There is more information about fire on our website

Commercial Fire Damage Can Cause Many Long Term Problems

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Thinking Long Term

All fire suppression and fire restoration methods need to be about working out the problems of fire damage, soot damage and smoke damage long-term. An electrical fire can short out the electricity. A utility room fire can make it hard to get many things done in the space.

Many business owners start to immediately create a fire suppression plan and fire restoration plan the second they see a problem. A look around the area may reveal that an electrical room or utility room fire has been smoldering in the space for many hours even before the firefighter with the fire hose and fire truck have arrived.

The utility room fire or electrical fire may have spread across other spaces that are extremely important in the running of the business. In doing so, fires can be hard to cope with as they can really literally damage the foundation of the space.

A fire truck and hose and a firefighter can also point out to any business owner where there's even more commercial fire damage in the space. It's vitally important for any business owner to know exactly where the commercial fire damage started and how it has affected spaced in the aftermath of an electrical fire and a dousing by the fire sprinkler system.

There is more information about commercial fire restoration on our website